Haft Tanan Garden

Haft Tanan garden was built before Zandiyeh periods, is one of the most ancient historical place; and also the edifice of this garden is related to Karim Khan-e- Zand periods. The hall which its ceiling has been based on two big integrated pillars, is one of the sights of this edifice and on its overhead niches, there are five scenes which are painted on the plaster and painting masterpieces of Zandiyeh periods. These five scenes are: one dervish with battle axe and Kashkul , Moses figure as he does pastoral, the picturesque of Sheikh Sanan and Daughter Teresa, the figure of Abraham and the figure of young dervish. The existed stones in this museum are dependent to 9th-17th centuries which has been decorated beautifully in the variety of scripts including Kufic, Thuluth, Nasta’liq-e-Diwani, To’qie, Tal’iq and Naskh. This beautiful and historical garden is located in north of the Hafez Tomb. The name of Haft Tanan garden is because of existence of seven graves which is related to seven Sufis in this garden. This heritage has been registered as one of Iran National Monuments on 6th January 1932 with the registration number 74.




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