Saadi Tomb was first the Saadi’s (Persian poet) monastery and he passed the end of his life there and where he is buried later. In the thirteenth century for the first time, a mausoleum was built over the tomb of Saadi by Saheb Divan, the governor of Shiraz. In the 19th century, a building of brick and stucco was made on top of the tomb of Saadi by the Order of Karim Khan.

Saadi Shirazi, “Human Beings are Members of a Whole”

The architectural style of the building was derived from Chelel Sotoon Palace in Isfahan and a combination of old and new Iranian architecture and it was made by Mohsen Forooghi. The exterior building is cube-shaped and has walls made of marble and a blue dome. The new buildings complex and garden is about 10395 square meters, of which about 257 square meters is the tomb area. The main building of the tomb includes two iwans in perpendicular shape and the main tomb is located in the angle of the iwans.








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