Hafez (the Memorizer), was a great mystic and lyric poet, who was entitled “Lisan Ul-Qeyb” (The Language of Unseen). He was born in 1317 CE in Shiraz and died in that city in 1390 or 1391 CE. A dome was built on his grave 64 years later in 1454 CE. The internal part of the new tomb, which is established on eight pillars, is covered by colorful tiles.

The entire complex area, which is called Hafezieh is 2 acres and is composed of two north and south courtyards. There is a hall between these 2 courtyards. The Hafezieh Hall is a work of Zand dynasty. It is 56 meters long and 8 meters wide and has 20 stone columns, each with a height of 5 meters. The Hall architectural style is taken from the styles of Achaemenid and the Zand period.











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