The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in Shiraz

Shiraz is adored worldwide for beauty, art, and culture. So it’s no surprise that the city of light has consistently been one of the top traveler attractions of the last century. Stroll down to the most beautiful attractions of Shiraz and have a sip of roasted coffees with a slice of chocolate cake. While eating […]

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Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz

Shiraz offers different choices to tourists so that everybody will have something to do in this lovely city. From the mausoleums of great poets to the pleasant scent of love poetry throughout the city, from the far historical periods’ attractions to the modern ones, from sitting in Hafez tomb and combining your augury with poetry […]

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Must-see Religious Sites in Shiraz

While visiting religious destinations may not seem that intriguing but in a country like Iran, where religion is intertwined with all social and cultural aspects, you’d be missing out quite a lot, if you don’t visit religious sites. In fact, religion has always been so essential to the people of this part of the world, […]

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How to Get a Metro Ticket in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the largest cities of Iran, famous for its Faloodeh (iced sweet noodles) and fragrant of the sour oranges on its streets. Apart from cultural attractions, historical evidence like Persepolis and Pasargad are other reasons which have made Shiraz a must-see tourist destination. Due to this popularity, Shiraz has become somehow a […]

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Train Shiraz to Tehran

When it comes to travel, trains are a very popular transportation way. Although airplanes are also suggested for long distances, but many prefer to lounge on comfortable beds of the train and watch the beautiful scenery outside. Many people can travel by their equipped cars, but they would like to go on a safer trip […]

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Train Tehran to Shiraz

Packing your luggage, getting on boats, trains, buses or airplanes, it’s always fun and relaxing to feel you’re not bound to anywhere. You can move freely between cities or countries, clear your mind and fill it with lots of rejoiceful memories. All these kinds of transportation facilitate your travel and give you new distinctive experiences. […]

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Haft Tanan Garden

Haft Tanan Garden: Tomb of the 7 Unknown Mystics Haft Tanan is an Iranian garden and museum dating back to Safavid times. The people of Shiraz have a special connection with the Haft Tanan Garden. They used to go there both in the past and now to ask for rain and for prayers to be […]

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