Since old days, Iranians have had special respect to Quran, as they used to build some gates and put the Holy Quran over it for travelers and passersby to pass through the gate and to be protected By Quran. The most famous gate among them is the Quran Gate in Shiraz which was known also as the Quran vault. In this monument, verses of Quran in Suls and Naskh calligraphy have been written around the gate. looking at this gate, while passing, one might think that they are passing through a gate of spirituality.

The building was destroyed by the order of Reza Khan in 1936. In 1949, the Quran Gate was rebuilt within a little distance from the old gate, with the efforts of Haj Hassan E’temadotojjar, one of the businessmen of Shiraz . The new gateway is larger, including a sharp arch opening, two small openings on both sides and a rectangular room above it which is the place to put the Holy Quran.



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