Pasargadae – Resting Place of the Great King of Persia

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Pasargadae is a monumental world heritage and an ancient remainder of Old Persia that bears a collection of ingenuity, technology and history. This magnificent city, which was established by Cyrus the Great (600 – 530 BC), was accepted as a World Heritage site in UNESCO conference by one hundred percent consensus votes. The first capital of Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BC), Pasargadae is located in the northern part of Fars Province. Tremendous historical buildings such as palaces, gardens, fortified terrace and in particular the mausoleum of Cyrus, boast Achaemenid art, architecture and civilization.

Regarding mausoleum of Cyrus, the sacred tomb is laid in the southern part of the Pasargadae. Cyrus the Great that was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, is known as the first founder of the charter of human rights. As the first empire to respect the cultural diversity of different peoples, his empire exhibited an important interchange of human values.

Moreover, royal ensemble includes several palaces which are located in gardens, known as the Four Gardens. The waterway systems through which the gardens used to be both irrigated and separated, are evidence of architectural and technological evolution in the old Persia.

At the northeastern area of the Pasargadae, a fortified platform is built on a hill known as Tall-e Takht or Solomon’s Throne. Although the monument was left incomplete after Cyrus the Great’s death, it can yet indicate the grandeur of empire and testimony of civilization, accompanied by petroglyph and other historical monuments of the site.

Nowadays, Pasargadae is mostly recalled by Iranians as the resting place of Cyrus the Great. In fact, most of the palaces of this once spectacular city are now turned into ruins.


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