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Make Your Own Persian Carpet


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Owner Description

Persian Carpet:

Do you want to experience how the Persian Carpet is made from the beginning to the end?

So Let me tell you about this activity more. If you search Haghighi carpet on a google you will get to know about this Family. So many Carpets in different Museums of Iran & Europe comes from this Family.this Family has a big Workshop close to the Naghshe Jahan Sq. we will go there & you will see how to make natural colors, how to dye the material, how to design with computer or hand & finally how to make the knots & finish a Carpet.

The tour is in every morning except Thursdays.


Haghighi Carpet has been established as one of the most renowned names in the carpet industry in Esfahan from 100 years ago by Master Mehdi Khan Safdarzadeh Haghighi and his art has been continued by his sons and grandsons. Haghighi carpets have adorned and decorated many palaces and museums around the world. The use of high quality materials, design and colour certifies that the value of these carpets grows with age.


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Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 10:00 AM
Duration : 2 Hours (Except Thursdays)
Maximum number of people : 20
Venue Facilities : Learning about Persian Art, Culture & History
Start time:

Best Price Guarantee We are the only Operator who organizes the Handicraft learning activities.


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    1 Review
    "Amazing experience in one of Isfahan's oldest atelier..."
    One word...I loved it. Rasool came to pick me up from the hotel and we went to Mr Haghighi's workshop/ atelier or archive. I had the chance to meet the man himself and his son !. The tour gave a clear idea about the process of how a carpet is made (Isfahani way). I also had the chance to spend some good quality time with the women weaving...or rather trying to make some nots ;o). The people are so friendly, the atmospher relaxed and for those who are interested in having a real cultural experience to take home..This is DEFINITELY the one.
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