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Qeshm Island Tour

Created with Sketch. Qeshm, Hormozgan Province, Iran


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Qeshm Island Tour

Qeshm is located in Hormoz strait, Persian Gulf and south of Iran. On this one day trip, we will visit seven beautiful spots of the island. Khorbas cave is among coral reefs near Qeshm Island. The interesting point is existence of some high reliefs on the cave sides and the reason for these carving works is still a secret. Some researchers believe the architecture of the cave is a sign that it used to be a shrine for worshiping Anahid, the God of Zoroastrians. However, it’s certified that the history of cave dates back to Medes era. You can also see faults on the rocks, that are significant geographically.
Next destination is Star Valley, 5 km from south of Qeshm. It has 2 million years of history, due to the erosion of stone and sand by wind and rain effects. You can see large natural faults over this valley. People believe once, a star fell down on the island and made these weird shapes on the ground. Based on the wonderful features of Star Valley, it’s registered in Unesco World Heritage as a part of Qeshm Geopark, which is the only Geopark in the Middle East. Let’s move toward Naz Island.
Naz Islands are two islands located in the South of Qeshm and you can see them while standing on the beach. At the time of low tide, these wonderful islands join the beach and surprisingly you can walk toward them on sea water, that is a marvelous experience. No one lives on these islands but the fishermen working there have made some rooms for resting. The landscape of sea is amazing there and the sound of waves hitting the rocks is so tranquilizing.
Mangroves forests include a group of trees and plants which are always green, they’re along the beach and inside intertidal zone. The awesome fact is during the high tide, they’re covered by water as there’s no forest and amazingly, this flora can stay alive by salty water for millions of years. You can savour watching the intact nature, rare plant species and beautiful birds. Next plan is visiting Chahkouh Canyon in the east of Qeshm, the rocks were formed beautifully during the time. You can explore fascinating shapes and even shells on the canyon walls, it shows that the sea used to be flowing there. The water streams passing through canyon add more to its beauty.
For the rest of our exhilarating trip, we will visit the traditional ship factory, that is so educating and then head to the Laft Village which is full of natural and historical attractions. You will stand in awe by the houses architecture, alluring wind catchers and ancient castles in Laft. South of Iran is like a rich book full of marvels and visiting each sight in Qeshm Island is like a new page.


Location: Qeshm
Time: 08:00


Location: Qeshm
Time: 17:00

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Khorbas Cave
Stars Valley
Naz Islands
Mangroves Forests
Chahkooh Canyon
Laft Village

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Tour Program

Picking from the hotel in Qeshm Island
Exploring the Khorbas Cave
Strolling the Star Valley
Heading to the Naz Islands

Having lunch
Watching the Mangroves forests
Exploring the Chahkouh Canyon
Visiting the traditional ship factory
Walking in Laft Village
Return in Hotel

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Created with Sketch. Qeshm, Hormozgan Province, Iran


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Very lovely local

Mostafa is a very lovely local in Qeshm and he does the tours as a part time job.he introduced us to the culture of Persian gulf.best guide ever :)
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