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8 Days Culture Tour – Ancient Civilizations


8 Days

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8 Days



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8 Days Culture Tour - Ancient Civilizations


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Discover what made this region the cradle of civilization. Explore the prehistoric cities of Qom & Kashan, along with the pre-Islamic cities of Varzaneh, Maybod, Kharanaq, Yazd & Naein. Dive into naturally pristine wonders, former glories, and ancient ruins.

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- Visa Authorization Code
- Travel Insurance
- Airport Pick-up, Drop-off
- All Accommodations
- Private Land Transport
- English Speaking Guide
- Entrance Fees for Mentioned Monuments
- Breakfast
- 24/7 Support


- Visa Fee
- International Flights
- Lunch, Dinner & Snacks
- Guide & Driver Tips
- Additional Expenses (i.e. Laundry)
- Personal Expenses
- Additional Costs Due to Unforeseen Events

  • Tehran
  • Kashan
  • Naein
  • Meybod
  • Yazd
  • Varzaneh
  • Isfahan
Hicham Kabbage
Hicham Kabbage
Excellent service and support Excellent Service ! i am surprised by the reactivity and the will to help and find quickly hotels, flights and solutions for me, even though the holiday season makes things challenging. Chatting through whatsapp made things super smooth and extremely easy. I was interacting with two people from TAP Persia, Rojin and Sohrab. They were just amazing ! They are the ones who reached out to me directly and interacted instantly with me day and night. Great job guys !I used earlier a different company but i was disappointed, i strongly recommend TAP Persia .Keep up the great work !
Visa service for Iran Tappersia was very quick in getting the grant notice for e visa for Iran. I got the grant notice on the following day after they submitted my application to the ministry of foreign affairs.They are very responsive thru WhatsApp.
Rebekka M
Rebekka M
Visa application service With TAP Persia we applied for an Iran Visa. They answered every question we had quickly and very friendly. Within 5 days, we got our Visa approval. We thank again for your service.
Amine A
Amine A
Visa Je remercie infiniment l'équipe Tap persia pour leur efficacité et rapidité pour l'obtention du visa , ça durée 24 heure pour l'avoir, l'équipe est très réactive même les weekends je recommande vivement et sans hésitation Je viens de passé au consulat d'Iran a paris pour la récupérer et j'ai payé que 30 euro mille merci ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Khushi D
Khushi D
Great service It is an amazing experience. Visa process with tap Persia is hassle free and I loved how they’re available to help us 24/7
Pat R
Pat R
Fabulous agency - can't recommend more highly for travellers to Iran I decided to go to Iran at short notice and was only able to do so thanks to the exceptional service provided by TAP Persia.What further complicated was my ignorance of being in the middle of Nowruz and the impact that has on flight availabilities etc.In the first instance, that revolved around speedy obtainment of a visa as well as other aspects such as insurance and mah card via their great-value welcome pack.Thereafter, all of my accommodation, tour guides and transport between destinations was arranged by the beyond-wonderful Mahgol with tremendous efficiency, patience and responsiveness - I could not praise nor thank her enough.Communications are as good as can be.With my lack of Farsi and, more specifically, incomprehension of the alphabet, doing things in this manner was the only way to go.All of the guides - Fatemah, Amin, Fardin, Moji, Peyman and Masoud - were fantastic being passionate, knowledgeable, smarter-than-average bears and very nice people.Rasool, Mehrnoush and Sohrab in the office were also very helpful.I would say though that, to help them (especially) to try to draft your itinerary as much as possible before approaching them as this will save time i.e. places, days in each, hotel price-range then trust them to select the latter for you.
Great Service 🙂 TApersia accompanied us well on the way to our Iran visa. My wife's visa took 2 weeks longer than mine (German EU & I'm Swiss). Our questions were always answered quickly by the nice Mahgol via WhatsApp. We think she did her best for our visa processing. After a while, we were also asked how we were doing! Nice, support and promptness are at the highest level.
Mariam Alwazir
Mariam Alwazir
Solo Saudi female in <3 IRAN <3 10/10. It's hard for me to be succinct, but I will try. I am a Saudi who has been impressed, curious, and infatuated by Iranian culture(s), Iron Age history, Islamic & other religious histories, architecture, and geography for over 15 years. Yum, and food. I wanted initially to continue my Persian language study at Dehkhoda Institute, however student visas take much longer than other visas to process, and I would likely miss my class during the processing time. I was disheartened and scrambled through my Google bookmarks looking for old travel that I had saved over the years in my Iran folder. 😉 TAP Persia was bookmarked numerous times and I quickly applied for a tourist visa. Hey, I can still practice some Persian as a tourist, right? THE PROCESS WAS SO EASY. So smooth! Mahgol deserves all the praise and recognition for bringing relief to my anxious-self (because I had already long-ago booked my airline tickets and took time off work!), and she walked me through all the steps in a timely manner and with competence and grace. Even during the first week of Norouz and Ramadan, I got a friendly update and advice -- got my tourist visa within 5 or 6 days (the Ministry was closed for Ramarouz, but WOW that was still quick). I cried from happiness and surprise... Thank you thank you. I will be in Iran April to mid-May. Originally I just registered for TAP Persia welcome package + visa help, but now I'm pretty curious about signing up for one or 2 of their tours now. I am beyond impressed and excited. This travel company, Mahgol, & this team already made me feel safe and like I'm going home, and I imagine with their business practice, will prosper for many years down the road. Thank you so much. Someone please remind me to update this post with photos once I arrive to Iran <3
Easy amd efficient visa service I was more than happy with the visa application process done via TAP Persia. All went smoothly. The team is very kind, responsive and professional. The support and promptness are at the highest level.
Daniel S
Daniel S
Iranvisum Ich habe mein Visa für den Iran über TAP Persia beantragt, da der normale Weg zu kompliziert war und sehr viele potentielle Fehler birgt. Ich kann den Service definitiv empfehlen. Alles ist sehr gut und detailliert beschrieben. Der Preis für diesen Service ist es in meinen Augen definitiv Wert. Auch der Kontakt nach der Beantragung über WhatsApp war sehr gut. Sehr freundlich und hilfreich.

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8 Days Premium Iran Tour - Ancient Civilizations

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The seat of Iranian power for the last 3 centuries, Tehran is rich in history & influence. Head off to the World Heritage-listed Golestan Palace, in Central Tehran. The 18th c. complex was the main resident of the Qajar Dynasty, a masterpiece of hand-painted tiles, set within a lush garden. After a quick stroll through Shahr Park, arrive at the National Museum of Iran, which holds artefacts from ancient and medieval Iranian antiquities, from the Achaemenids to the Sassanids.

Qom & Kashan
Qom & Kashan

In the morning, visit the Fatima Masumeh Shrine in Qom, one of the holiest sites in Iran. In Kashan, start with the Agha Bozorg Mosque, the former center of Kashani life, then it’s off to the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse for a lesson in classic bathing and water usage within the desert. Visit the Abbasian House & Tabatabaei House, two examples of opulent homes made to maximize scarce resources and cool extreme temperatures. After a quick stop in Fin Garden, spend the night in Kashan. 


On the way to Naein, visit the well-maintained Naein Qanats. Over 3,000 years ago, Persians learned how to construct Qanats (underground aqueducts) to bring water from the mountains to the plains. Up until the 1960s, this ancient system provided more than 70 percent of the water used in Iran. Crawl through the historic underground channels of Rigareh Water Mill, then visit the  Jame Mosque of Naein, one of the oldest mosques in Iran. Spend the night in Naein.

Maybod & Kharanaq
Maybod & Kharanaq

Explore the pre-Islmanic city of Maybod and visit the Sassanid-era Narin Castle. Then it’s off to the Maybod Pigeon Tower, an important invention in message sending and fertilization. Visit the Maybod Yakhchal, a millenia-old icehouse within the desert, and the Abbasi Carvensary. Stop by the abandoned mud-brick village of Kharanaq, a well-preserved example of how Persian cities looked thousands of years ago, then hike up the mountaintop Chak Chak Fire Temple. Spend the night in Yazd.


Start the day off with the Yazd Jameh Mosque, built in the 13th c. over a Sassanid fire temple. Then, hit the narrow, mud-brick streets to visit the Amir Chakhmagh Complex, which contains a caravanserai, a bathhouse, and many confectioneries. Learn how underground water channels kept the city hydrated with a visit to the Yazd Water Museum. Stop in at the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and see the holy fire that has burned since 470 AD. Finish by seeing the Tower of Silence to witness the location of sky burials.


Drive to the desert city of Varzaneh before noon, where you’ll experience the towering dunes of the Varzaneh Desert and the vast Varzaneh Salt Lake. Visit the Water Temple of Hassanabad to see how ancient people maintained their sacred resources. After watching the sunset over the sands, make your way to a local, traditional guesthouse in Varzaneh, where you’ll spend the night. Spend your time making friends and exchanging stories with locals and fellow travelers.  


Start with the 16th c. Naqsh-e Jahan Square. The square was, and still is, the center of trade and activity in Isfahan. Explore the Qeysariye Bazaar, a local hub filled with handicrafts, spices & carpets. Visit the Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque’s mesmerizing dome, the Shah Mosque’s enchanting courtyard, & the six-story Ali Qapu Palace’s view. At night, visit Khaju Bridge & Si-o-Se Pol Bridge along the Zayandeh Rud river. Finish the night with a Persian Cooking Class making dinner with a local host family. 


In the early morning, visit the 8th c. Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, a former Zoroastrian fire temple that was continually built upon over the centuries. Make your way from Isfahan's Historic District, through ancient bazaar-pathways, to the more modern Naqsh-e Jahan Square you saw yesterday. Handicrafts here haven't changed for over 400 years, so take the time to buy some last-minute souvenirs. Finish off with the bright frescos of Vank Cathedral in the Armenian quarter of New Jolfa. Drive towards Tehran for IKIA.

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Is travel insurance included?
Yes. We include Iranian travel insurance with up to 10k in medical coverage in every tour package over 7 days.
Are Entrance fees included?
Yes. All entrance fees to all listed attractions are included. If you wish to see additional attractions, you will have to pay separate entrance fees for each one.
Will we have a guide with us?
Yes. Your tour will be led by a local guide from each region or city you visit.
Are meals included?
Only breakfast. Our package tours are half-board, meaning you are responsible for your lunch and dinner.
Do hotel rooms have private bathrooms?
Yes. Iranian hotels are quite similar to western hotels.
Is this tour private?
Yes. All package tours are tailor-made for you and your group.
How much is the deposit?
40% for each traveler. Our prices are based on your group size and preferences in accommodation, transportation and sites.
What costs will I have on this tour?
Your international flight to and from Iran, visa fees, meals (breakfast included), and personal expenses.
How do I get my visa?
Once we process your visa, you can pick it up before you come, at one of Iran’s global embassies or consulates, or upon your arrival, at the Iranian airport.
Can I stay longer once my tour is finished?
Yes. We can help you extend your visa for up to 90 days. We can also help plan the rest of your trip and book your accommodations, transportation, and reservations.
Can I change parts of my trip?
Yes. We can adjust your package tour based on your interests and preferences. Some details, such as bookings and reservations, can require 1-7 days prior notice.
Can we share a room if we are not married?
Yes. If you and your partner are non-Iranian, you will not be asked about your marital status. If you are traveling with an Iranian partner of the opposite sex, hotels may give you a hard time when it comes to shared rooms.
Will we have free time while traveling?
Yes. Your package will be equally divided between the scheduled time and free time. You can also adjust your tour package based on your interests and preferences.
I am vegetarian/vegan. Will I find decent meal options?
Yes. Iranian cuisine includes multiple vegetarian and vegan dishes. Ask your local guide to show you the best dishes, snacks, and food options.
Can I ask my questions in a video call before I book my tour?
Yes. We are available to call 24/7. Schedule your video with us and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
Can I get a discount on this tour?
Yes. We offer first-time-traveler and seasonal discounts. Let us know when you plan on booking your tour and we will tell you all our active discounts for that time.
I’m an American. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
I’m British. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
I’m Canadian. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
How long does it take to get my visa?
For most travelers, it takes about 2-3 business days to get your visa authorization code. For Americans, Brits, and Canadians, it may take 2-3 months to get your visa authorization code. Once you have your code, you need to pick up your actual visa. If you’re picking up your visa before you arrive, you have 30 days to get your visa at the embassy or consulate, and then 90 days after that to visit Iran. If you’re picking up your visa at the airport, you have 90 days from the time you get your authorization code to enter Iran.
Can I access the internet in Iran?
Your SIM card will not work in Iran, but hotels, restaurants, and cafes often have internet access. If you want to have internet on-the-go, we can get you an Iranian SIM card and modem for the time you are here.
How can I pay for this tour?
Bank transfer to our bank account in Germany.
Does our transport have A/C?
Yes. If you have any preferences, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
Are the guides licensed?
Yes. All of our local guides are licensed professionals.
Is the tour in English?
Yes, but they can also be led in other languages based on your request.


Based on 6 reviews
Very Good
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran
Sandy Moses

A very intresting tour

Mojtaba's expertise was clear to all. He explained all the historical sites to us. The tour covered a lot of interesting areas and we knew what's coming up next. I highly recommend this tour.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

best 8 days of my life

We heard so much about how wonderful Iran was that we always wanted to visit. We are independent travelers and thought that it would be too difficult to organize other than going in a group. How wrong were we!!! Rasool at TAPPersia kept us updated on everything we wanted to do in Iran and offered us other suggestions. stopping by for a night in the desert, gazing at the star with a well-known guide telling us tales of the are and stars.👍
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Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran
Grant B

"Excellent trip"

The tour ran smoothly, with no hiccups and interruptions. Our guide managed to visit the sites that interests the whole group. The hotels were all traditional ( as we requested) and the ride was comfortable with Ac.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran
Amanda Sims

Great tour

We booked this tour as we got to the Imam airport. We are both in our late 20s and crazy about History. We both had such a fantastic time with Ali and we were lucky to take incredible pictures of the beautiful Meyod and Naein. Such a friendly and informative guide was Ali. So happy that we decided to do this tour!
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran
Rachel Patel

lots of Ancient cities in 10 days

I had a really good time on that tour! our tour guide Ali was great, she was always in a positive mood and explained a lot about the are from the very beginning of this tour! I really enjoyed the food and the stories our driver told on the way. We stopped at a lot of places, so many things to see! lots of great look-outs, high and mud-brick buildings. Thank you very much tappersia!
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

never disappointed!

I had a wonderful time in Iran traveling 8 days with Parinaz. It took me a while to get used to the condition of wearing hijab all the time, but our guide helped us with the scarf adjustment, and surprisingly it looked beautiful in our photos.
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