Yazd Province, Chak Chak Road, Iran


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 1 Day
Maximum number of people: 4
Location: Yazd

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Meybod, Chak Chak & Kharanaq:

An excursion to the village of Kharanaq, 90 km in north of Yazd, is recommended. Reportedly inhabited for over 1000 years, the mud_brick part of the village is practically abandoned these days, but you’ll see a few farmers still pottering around. Indescribably picturesque, visitors are free to explore the abandoned remains; highlights include a Qajar-era mosque, central tower and an ancient bridge in the valley below.

After about 40 kilometres from kharanagh, one of Iran’s most important Zoroastrian site, Chak Chak, is located. According to the legends the rock face opened up and offered refuge to the daughter of the last pre-Islamic ruler, from the encroaching Arab invaders. Chak Chak, which in the Persian means ‘drip drip,’ contains an ever-dripping spring, said to be the mountain weeping in remembrance of Princess Nikbanu.

In the way back from Chak Ckak to Yazd we will see Meybod. In fact the city is famous for its elegant citadel called Narin Castle dating back to 6000 years ago, the 400 hundred years-old caravansary and its Ice house. Also Meybod is a famous place for pottery art with many people still working in workshops.


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    Adam Burger

    1 Review
    "Must do from Yazd!"
    Visiting yazd was nice but also it was small so its a really good idea to visit some places around this beautiful city.we took a day trip with Amir and learned a lot about history & Zoroastrians.
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