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10 Days Art Tour – Handicrafts & Culture



10 Days

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10 Days



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Iranian art has inspired empires from the Classic Greeks to the Arab Muslims. Visit classic bazaars with workshops that haven’t changed much in centuries. Enjoy modern museums & galleries. Visit the jewels of Tehran, Kashan, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan & more.

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- 24/7 Support


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  • Tehran
  • Kashan
  • Meybod
  • Kharanaq
  • Yazd
  • Pasargadae
  • Shiraz
  • Isfahan

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Traditions meet modern life in this metropolis: conservative women wearing full-length chadors commingle with younger women in figure-hugging manteaus. Check out the Tehran Contemporary Art Museum, before heading off to the World Heritage-listed Golestan Palace, in Central Tehran. The 18th c. Qajar-era complex is a masterpiece of hand-painted tiles, set within a lush garden. Walk through Shahr Park to get to the National Museum of Iran, which holds artefacts from ancient and medieval Iran.


Start the day with the historic Sa'dabad Palace Complex in Northern Tehran, a 300 hectare complex built by the Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs, next to the house of the current president. Afterwards, visit the Treasury of National Jewels, one of the world's most famous collections of diamonds and jewelry, showcasing the epitome of Persian fine art. In the evening, visit the Moghadam Museum, the private collection and home of a Qajar-era world explorer, encircled by its modern neighbors, but still resilient.


Head towards Kashan in the morning. Start with the Agha Bozorg Mosque, a multilevel school that served as the center of Kashani life. Visit the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse for a lesson in classic bathing. You also get to see the fascinating Abbasian House & Tabatabaei House, two examples of opulent homes with exceptional architectural details. Visit an active Pottery Workshop to see Kashan’s traditional earthen handicrafts. After a quick stop in Fin Garden, spend the night in Kashan.


Stop by the pre-Islamic city of Maybod and explore the Sassanid-era Narin Castle. Visit the Maybod Pigeon Tower, the Abbasi Caravansary, and the Maybod Yakhchal, a millenia-old icehouse within the desert. Stop by a Zilu Bafi workshop (local yarn tapestry) to appreciate local handicrafts. Visit the abandoned mud-brick village Kharanaq, a well-preserved example of how Persian cities looked thousands of years ago, and hike up the mountaintop Chak Chak Fire Temple. Spend the night in Yazd.


Start the day off with the Yazd Jameh Mosque, built in the 13th c. over a Sassanid fire temple. Then, hit the narrow, mud-brick streets to visit the Amir Chakhmagh Complex, which contains a caravanserai, a bathhouse, and many confectioneries. Learn how underground water channels kept the city hydrated with a visit to the Yazd Water Museum. Stop in at the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and see the holy fire that has burned since 470 AD. Finish by seeing Tower of Silence to witness the location of sky burials.


Head to Shiraz in the early morning. On the way, visit one of the oldest living organisms in the world, the Cypress of Abarkuh. The cypress tree is an ancient Zoroastrian symbol of life and beauty. Estimated to be between 4,000-5,000 years old, this one is said to have been planted by the prophet Zoroaster himself. Spend some time at the final resting place of Cyrus the Great, the founder of the first Persian Empire, the Achaemenid dynasty, at Pasargadae. Make your way to Shiraz for the night.


Arrive just before sunrise for the best views of the Nasir ol-Molk “Pink” Mosque. Move on to the Vakil Complex, featuring the Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bathhouse, and the historic caravansary. Relax in the World Heritage-listed Eram Garden, before visiting the Citadel of Karim khan. A former prison, the citadel has been converted to a giant garden, complete with local vendors. A quick stop at the Tomb of Hafez, the worldwide-renowned Persian poet, and it’s off to dinner with a local Shirazi family.


Start with the World Heritage-listed Persepolis, once the center of the Persian Empire and one of the great cities of the ancient world. The towering columns, remarkable relief carvings, and massive gateways are still imposing. Visit the Naqsh-e Rostam Necropolis, a royal graveyard of massive tombs, carved straight into the mountainside, from the Achaemenids to the Sassanids. Arriving in Isfahan at night.


Start with the 16th c. Naqsh-e Jahan Square, the seat of Iran’s Safavid dynasty. Explore Qeysarie Bazaar, a local hub filled with handicrafts & spices. Visit the Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque’s mesmerizing dome, the Shah Mosque‘s enchanting courtyard, & Ali Qapu Palace‘s view. Stop by the Chehel-sotun Palace, the royal Safavid reception for foreign dignitaries and ambassadors. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and at night, head to the famed Khaju Bridge & Si-o-Se Pol Bridge.


Pack your bags and head towards a local Carpet Workshop to see just how much effort still goes into handmade carpets. Afterwards, visit the intricate and elaborate 8th c. Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, a former Zoroastrian fire temple that was continually built upon over the centuries. Then it’s off to bright frescos of Vank Cathedral and the historic, delicate handicrafts of the Vank Museum, in the Armenian quarter of New Jolfa. In the evening, head towards IKIA.

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Is travel insurance included?
Yes. We include Iranian travel insurance with up to 10k in medical coverage in every tour package over 7 days.
Are Entrance fees included?
Yes. All entrance fees to all listed attractions are included. If you wish to see additional attractions, you will have to pay separate entrance fees for each one.
Will we have a guide with us?
Yes. Your tour will be led by a local guide from each region or city you visit.
Are meals included?
Only breakfast. Our package tours are half-board, meaning you are responsible for your lunch and dinner.
Do hotel rooms have private bathrooms?
Yes. Iranian hotels are quite similar to western hotels.
Is this tour private?
Yes. All package tours are tailor-made for you and your group.
How much is the deposit?
40% for each traveler. Our prices are based on your group size and preferences in accommodation, transportation and sites.
What costs will I have on this tour?
Your international flight to and from Iran, visa fees, meals (breakfast included), and personal expenses.
How do I get my visa?
Once we process your visa, you can pick it up before you come, at one of Iran’s global embassies or consulates, or upon your arrival, at the Iranian airport.
Can I stay longer once my tour is finished?
Yes. We can help you extend your visa for up to 90 days. We can also help plan the rest of your trip and book your accommodations, transportation, and reservations.
Can I change parts of my trip?
Yes. We can adjust your package tour based on your interests and preferences. Some details, such as bookings and reservations, can require 1-7 days prior notice.
Can we share a room if we are not married?
Yes. If you and your partner are non-Iranian, you will not be asked about your marital status. If you are traveling with an Iranian partner of the opposite sex, hotels may give you a hard time when it comes to shared rooms.
Will we have free time while traveling?
Yes. Your package will be equally divided between the scheduled time and free time. You can also adjust your tour package based on your interests and preferences.
I am vegetarian/vegan. Will I find decent meal options?
Yes. Iranian cuisine includes multiple vegetarian and vegan dishes. Ask your local guide to show you the best dishes, snacks, and food options.
Can I ask my questions in a video call before I book my tour?
Yes. We are available to call 24/7. Schedule your video with us and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
Can I get a discount on this tour?
Yes. We offer first-time-traveler and seasonal discounts. Let us know when you plan on booking your tour and we will tell you all our active discounts for that time.
I’m an American. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
I’m British. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
I’m Canadian. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
How long does it take to get my visa?
For most travelers, it takes about 2-3 business days to get your visa authorization code. For Americans, Brits, and Canadians, it may take 2-3 months to get your visa authorization code. Once you have your code, you need to pick up your actual visa. If you’re picking up your visa before you arrive, you have 30 days to get your visa at the embassy or consulate, and then 90 days after that to visit Iran. If you’re picking up your visa at the airport, you have 90 days from the time you get your authorization code to enter Iran.
Can I access the internet in Iran?
Your SIM card will not work in Iran, but hotels, restaurants, and cafes often have internet access. If you want to have internet on-the-go, we can get you an Iranian SIM card and modem for the time you are here.
How can I pay for this tour?
Bank transfer to our bank account in Germany.
Does our transport have A/C?
Yes. If you have any preferences, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
Are the guides licensed?
Yes. All of our local guides are licensed professionals.
Is the tour in English?
Yes, but they can also be led in other languages based on your request.


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Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran



excellent tour

During the tour, I had a touch on different types of pottery making methods ( by wheel and hand on the mold). The Tour guide was very funny and took so many photos of us experiencing the wheels and thought about making pottery patiently during the tour. This tour is a pleasant memory for me and I strongly recommend you join this tour if you are going to visit Iran.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran



Great company on the tour

a 5 star doesn't do justice for a 10 days tour around Iran. Everything was perfect, even though we had some days where the weather was not too good. Our tour guide, Mojtaba, was 10+. He was so professional, caring, supportive, and had a great sense of humor. Our car drove all the way and our family felt so safe and relaxed in his car. Nothing was too hard for him and he always had a smile when greeting us in the mornings. Thank you Tappersia For a trip of a lifetime.
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Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran




Our local guide took us to Kharanaq to “ do the tour” after lunch. They told us it was too hard to visit the ancient town and the tower (very true). There really wasn’t anything worthwhile to see, I recommend it!
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran



a beautiful rug hand maded especially ...

We visited Iran for the first time and asked Rasool to surprise us with art from the country. We were told it would be up to three months to explore Iran’s beauty. We were worried that we wouldn’t be able to get a glimpse of the great power of the Persian empire or get to know some locals over a cup of local chai. But the tour gave us a chance to visit workshops, now we have a beautiful rug in our sitting room giving us fond memories of a wonderful trip exploring Iran with Tappersia.
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