Lahijan is famous for being “the bride of Gilan” and “the city of bitter oranges”. It is the capital of Lahijan county with an estimated 2016 population of 167/000 people distributed over a land area of 1,428 km2. People of Lahijan mostly speak Gilaki, Taleshi, Tati and Kurdish.

Duo to their “moderate caspian” climate, Lahijan and its surroundings host vast lands of interconnected tea terraces and that’s why Lahijan is also called “the land of aromatic tea”. This amazing district is full of wonderful historic sites such as Titi Caravanserai (which means bloom in Gilaki) which is built with riverstones and dates back to the Safavid dynasty (1501-1736) and Iran’s National Tea Museum.

The city offers an outstanding opportunity to reconcile with nature. In the city, you will encounter Lunak, an amazing waterfall in the middle of jungle. The Sheytan Kooh mountain and lake with its wildflower meadows are nearby the city of Lahijan. The county is also famous for its outstanding landscapes of green tea terraces.

Lahijan, Siahkal and DeylamanLahijan, Siahkal and DeylamanLahijan, Siahkal and DeylamanLahijan, Siahkal and Deylaman


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