Rasht city is the capital of Gilan province and the most populous and largest city of Iran on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. It is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from the sea. Rasht is known as the third most touristic city in Iran because of its green space and beautiful nature. In addition, the city of Rasht is also known as the city of silver rains due to the constant rains. Let’s take a look at the beautiful Rasht nature and the surrounding cities that you should not miss;

1. Bojagh National ParkBojagh National Park - Rasht Nature - Iran

This park is the first land-sea national park registered in Iran and has an area of ​​nearly 3,300 hectares. 1600 hectares of this area is the marine area and 160 hectares is the wetland and the rest of it includes coastal, plains, and grasslands. This place is where the Sefidrud River joins the Caspian Sea.

Bojagh protected area is one of the most important bird habitats in Iran. In this national park, there are 234 species, 20 of which are native and the rest are migrants. Above all these natural wonders you can see lots of cattle herds and horses wandering around and enjoying themselves.

2. Saqalaksar Lake

One of the most attractive and unique sights around Rasht is Saqalaksar Lake. It is a very exciting destination for one-day trips. This lake is located 15 kilometers south of Rasht city, Lakan district, near a village called Saqalaksar. You can visit this lake at any hour of the day and make wonderful moments for yourself.

Saqalaksar earthen dam has created a beautiful lake with pristine and attractive nature. This lake has created a completely dreamlike environment. You can engage in photography, picnic, boating, and walking by the lake in this popular tourist area.

3. Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

One of the best places to see around Rasht is the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum. It is only 18 kilometers away on the Rasht-Qazvin highway. This museum is an open-space museum of the traditional huts of Gilan province. They have placed these huts together in a very beautiful way and have displayed the architecture of different regions of the province.

Gilan Rural Heritage Museum - Rasht Nature - IranSo far, they have reconstructed seven complete villages in 45 hectares of Saravan Forest Park. Moreover, it is where different exhibitions such as handicrafts and native arts, customs, traditions of the Gilan region, etc. are held throughout the year, which you can see closely and enjoy. In addition, you can participate in the implementation of many of these traditions in the cafe of this museum.

4. Saravan Forest Park

Saravan Forest Park is one of the other sights around the city of Rasht. This park is undoubtedly one of the pristine and attractive destinations for one-day trips. This park is located in the western parts of the Tehran-Rasht road, which has an area of ​​approximately 1487 hectares. And it is one of the oldest forest parks in Gilan. Part of the trees in this park are planted by humans and the other part is pristine and natural.

You can visit this park every day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Besides the beauty of nature, you can also enjoy the other facilities of this park such as four-wheeled motorbikes, paintball, boat rides, etc., and spend an exciting and unique day here.

5. Anzali Lagoon

Anzali Lagoon, or as in the Gilaki language “Anzali Sal”, is one of the most beautiful and important natural freshwater wetlands in the country. You can find it in the southwest of Bandar Anzali city and the Caspian Sea. It is one of the most popular nature tourism destinations in Gilan province. Water lilies, reeds, and sea tulips create an amazing view in the lagoon that you will never get enough of. Boating, fishing, and bird watching are some of the most popular activities that you can experience in this area.

6. Masal

Masal is one of the sights around Rasht, which we can undoubtedly call the paradise of Gilan. This pristine and untouched village is located 50 kilometers northwest of Rasht. And even its weather is different from other places in Rasht. Very cool and pleasant weather prevails in Masal, which caresses the body and soul of everyone. There are many roadside restaurants on Masal road that welcome tourists with fresh and delicious kebabs in foggy and cloudy weather.

7. Dorfak PeakDorfak - Rasht Nature - Iran

Dorfak peak is a wonderful mountain peak close to Rasht city. This peak, with its beautiful flora and fauna, enchants the eyes of every tourist. Dorfak has a height of about 2700 meters, which overlooks the Pishgooh mountains and Takht Suleiman mountain ranges from the east side and Manjil mountains from the south side.

In addition, this rocky peak has very beautiful views. Furthermore, its hundred-meter ice cave is also considered one of the sights around Rasht. A cave that is always covered with snow. The snow gradually melts throughout the year. The people of Dorfak village use this ice cave to water their cattle.

8. Sarvelat Village

Today, Sarvelat village is one of the best attractions of Rasht city, in the south of Chaboksar. In this peaceful village, you can socialize with the villagers and see the simple village life up close. In addition, you can watch nature in the indescribable peace of the village and stay away from all the worries of everyday life for a short time. In this village, you can see the mountain, river, sea, and forest at the same time and experience an exciting nature tour.

The best time to travel to this village is the summer season. Because in this season the very cool air covers the entire village, which has made the village a popular tourist area. Khavar Khanam restaurant is very famous in this village, where unique local dishes are cooked for tourists.

9. Lakan Salt Water Spring

The Lakan salt water spring is also one of the pristine and attractive destinations, located in the southern part of Rasht at the end of the Rasht-Lakan road. On the Lakan-Rasht road, you will reach a village, “Agha Dana Pir”, in the eastern part of this village, there is a roaring spring in the middle of the lush and green nature. As its name suggests, the water of this spring is salty and contains a large amount of salt. The walls of the spring are covered with calcareous sediment. anyway, the people of the village believe that this spring has healing properties. That’s why they use spring water to treat skin diseases.

10. Masuleh Village

Masuleh - Rasht Nature - IranAlthough Masuleh village is more popular for its stepped houses it has wonderful scenery to offer you, as well. You can easily get to this village from Rasht. And in addition to visiting one of the most stunning structures, enjoy the beauty of mother nature amongst the tall leafy trees and rocky pastures at the heights. This village has really pleasant weather, especially in summer. And it is a hot destination for many to cool down from the heat and moisture of the sea level lands.

11. Qal’eh Rudkhan

Like Masuleh, Qal’eh Rudkhan is also more popular for its famous castle. But in fact, this destination is an awesome combination of history and nature. Amongst the mountains, you need to climb up 1000 stone stairs and pass through the tall and magnificent trees to get to the peak and finally visit the castle. For sure this will be an amazing experience. on the way there are lots of cafes and stores that you can relax and order some drink or food.

Qal’eh Rudkhan is in Fuman city, close to Rasht.

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