Iran, a country famous for its lengthy history and diverse cultural legacy, is also the location of some of the earth’s most beautiful desert landscapes. While the scorching summer months could dissuade visitors from exploring these dry lands, the cool fall months offer a great opportunity to take in the captivating experience of Iran’s deserts. From the huge dunes of the Lut Desert to the strange salt flats for Dasht-e Kavir, let’s set off on a tour to discover the charm of Iran’s desert landscapes during this fascinating season.

1. Dasht-e Kavir (Kavir Desert)

Dasht-e Kavir, also known as the Great Salt Desert, is among the biggest deserts in the world that spans central Iran. As the temperature reduces in the autumn season, this desolate landscape takes on a very bizarre appearance. Under the gentle sunlight, the immense salt flats that are broken and glistening, provide a mesmerizing mosaic of patterns. The desert’s calm is only sometimes broken by a burst of wind when the air turns chilly.

The salt flats’ hues alter during the course of the day, mirroring the varying hues of the sky. Photographers will never run out of possibilities to capture the ethereal splendor of this distinctive desert scenery in this photographer’s paradise.

2. Lut Desert

The Lut Desert, also known as Dasht-e Lut, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the hottest locations on Earth. It is located in the southeast part of Iran. However, hot temperatures decrease in the cool months of autumn, allowing tourists to enjoy its otherworldly features. The enormous expanse salt flats, sand dunes and volcanic structures present a scene that appears undisturbed by time as the sun shines a soft golden light across it.

Lut Desert

The steep mountains in the background provide a dramatic touch to the backdrop, while the changing sands shape into wondrous patterns. Travelers can fully immerse themselves in the untouched magnificence of this desert wilderness thanks to the cold breeze’s sensation of tranquility and seclusion.

3. Rig-e Jenn (Jinn Desert)

Rig-e Jenn (Jinn Desert)

The Rig-e Jenn desert, often referred to as the Desert of the Jinn, is located in northeastern Iran and enchants with its unearthly beauty. In the cold autumn months, this huge expanse of sand dunes, punctuated by salt marshes and rocky outcrops, takes on a whole different personality. It’s the perfect time of year to explore this distant environment when the scorching heat of summer gives way to a more comfortable climate.

Rig-e Jenn (Jinn Desert)

The dunes throw lengthy shadows as the sun sets, resulting in an eerie and mysterious atmosphere. Only the sound of the wind whispering across the sand may be heard in the desert’s solitude. Camping in Rig-e Jenn beneath a starry sky is an experience that enables you to feel connected to the immensity of the cosmos and to the untainted beauty of nature.

4. Shahdad Desert

The Shahdad Desert is an ancient land with a plethora of natural beauty, and it can be found in the Kerman province in the southeast of Iran. The famed Kaluts, enormous sand formations carved by wind and time, are only one of the distinctive elements that make this desert environment come alive in the autumn. Visitors can enter Shahdad’s interior when the weather warms up to see the exquisite designs and patterns that have been eroded into the sand over many years. A feeling of mystery permeates the chilly wind as if it were revealing the desert’s hidden secrets to those who pay attention.

The Shahdad Desert is stunning not just because of its amazing natural formations but also because of the historical artifacts, like the medieval Shahdad Citadel, that are hidden throughout the area.

5. Tabas Desert

The Tabas Desert in eastern Iran is home to a rare combination of scenic natural features and rich cultural history. This arid region unveils its buried riches in the cool autumn months, luring visitors to discover its mysteries. A stunning scene is produced by the rough mountains and the golden sand. The oasis communities scattered around the desert offer a look into how resilient human existence can be in such a harsh environment.

The friendly welcome of the inhabitants and the classic mud-brick structures provide a special touch of charm to the desert experience. As the weather warms up, tourists may trek into the Tabas Desert to explore its secret canyons, historic ruins, and caravanserais, all of which add to the area’s diverse splendor.

6. Mesr Desert

The Mesr Desert, located in the center of Iran, entices visitors with its breathtaking vistas and serene serenity. This desert oasis provides relief from the intense heat in the cool autumn months, allowing tourists to fully enjoy its allure. A tranquil and enthralling landscape is created by the golden sand dunes as they softly sway in the fall light. The desert vegetation’s vivid colors breathe life into the otherwise lifeless surroundings. You can get a sense of connection to the soil underneath you as you are walking barefoot on the warm sand.

The desert’s remote location allows for an unhindered view of the cosmos, and the cold evenings provide the chance to see the breathtaking grandeur of a star-filled sky. The peace and quiet of Mesr Desert encourage thought and introspection, providing an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and find comfort in the simplicity of nature.

7. Maranjab Desert

The Maranjab Desert, a hidden treasure located close to Kashan, turns into a fascinating tourist destination during the chilly autumn months. A rare combination of towering sand dunes, salt lakes and caravanserais that previously housed weary travelers may be found in this desert oasis. The desert is easier to traverse when the temperature decreases, enabling travelers to explore its varied topography.

As you ascend the sand dunes and take in the expansive views, you can observe how light and shadow interact to give the landscape dimension. The salt lakes’ crystalline surface reflects the surroundings like mirrors, giving the scene a strange appearance. One can take refuge in the tranquility of nature and escape the busy world in the Maranjab Desert.

8. Khara Desert

The Khara Desert in Iran displays its own beauty in the cold embrace of autumn, enthralling tourists from a new angle. The desert landscape has a more appealing vibe when the sweltering summer heat abates. The warmly colored, towering sand dunes stand out against the sky’s clear, blue surface. The serene atmosphere brought by the cool breeze entices travelers to explore this secluded environment.

The delicate patterns that the wind has carved into the surface of the desert are accentuated by the golden sunlight’s soothing shine. The Khara Desert provides a getaway from the busy world at this time, enabling one to take in the unadulterated beauty of nature. Autumn in the Khara Desert is a compelling experience that shows the desert’s untapped allure, whether you climb the dunes or just sit back and take it all in.

9. Darak Desert

The Darak Desert, which is located in southwest Iran, comes into full bloom in the brisk autumn months. Out of the road and away from the crowds, this hidden gem provides a distinctive desert experience. The scenery changes into an amazing sight when the intense summer heat fades. With the rays of the fall sun, the wind-sculpted golden sand dunes shine subtly. Visitor exploration of this secluded environment is encouraged by the tranquility of the cold air.

Only the soft rustle of foliage and the sporadic singing of birds can be heard in the desert’s solitude. Autumn is a beautiful time to visit the Darak Desert because of the interplay of light and shadow, which is a feast for the eyes. It is a location where one may lose oneself in the calm of nature and learn about the desert landscapes of Iran’s hidden charm.

10. Jandagh Desert

The Jandagh Desert, which is in central Iran, has a captivating scenery that comes to life in the cold autumn months. This wide area of sand dunes, punctuated by rocky outcrops, seems like it belongs in a desert fantasy. The contrast between the crystal-clear blue sky and the golden tones of the sand is stunning. The dunes display fascinating patterns and textures in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is softer, luring photographers to capture the wonder of this desert setting.
The Jandagh Desert may be explored more comfortably in the cooler weather, allowing travelers to fully appreciate the seclusion and tranquility of this remote region.


Iran’s chilly autumn months provide a distinctive experience amid the dry desert landscapes, converting these desolate areas into alluring travel destinations. Each desert has its own distinct appeal, from the bizarre salt flats of Dasht-e Kavir to the enormous dunes of the Lut Desert. A memorable experience is produced by nature and tranquility coexisting in harmony. Travelers may connect with the unadulterated beauty of nature by exploring these deserts in the chilly autumn months, which offers a voyage of discovery.

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