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What Are the Most Famous Souvenirs of Isfahan?

Every Iranian city has its unique local wares. The most well-known Iranian mementos, which are typically bought by foreign tourists, are items crafted with tremendous work and the love and passion of their makers. Isfahan, known as “Half of the Globe,” was one of the most magnificent cities in the entire world, and many travelers […]

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We all know Isfahan with its very beautiful and amazing historical monuments. A city that shines like a jewel inside the central plateau of Iran with the Zayandeh River passing through it and has seen historical and eventful days. Isfahan is also a city that has become famous not only for its buildings and old […]

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Gaz is one of those delicacies that in the old days was offered only to kings. Ordinary people did not have the right to enjoy its taste for many years. Therefore, this delicious food dates back 450 years ago. They say the first producer of Gaz was Mr. Mohammad Ali Shekarchian. He was the one […]

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Persian Carpets: Symbol of Art and Value  

The originality of Persian carpets or Iranian Rugs dates back to about 2500 years ago. Iranians were among the first people to begin weaving the carpets of ancient civilizations, and through the ages, ingenuity, and intelligence have perfected this craft to an incredible degree. The art of carpet weaving is a closely guarded family secret […]

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Ghalamzani (Engraving on Metal)

Ghalamzani (Iran Souvenir)is one of the old handicrafts of Iran, which is in the group of metalworking. Engraving is the equivalent word for Qhalamzani In English. Anyway, it is the art of decorating and carving various patterns and designs on metal objects. The base metal is mainly copper, gold, silver, and brass. They do the […]

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Minakari (Vitreous Enamel) – The Great Persian Art

Minakari (Iranian handicrafts)dates back to about 1500 BC. It is an art created with the help of fire, soil, and mineral dyes. Delicately it is used to decorate various ornaments and utensils. Dehkhoda Persian Dictionary defines it as: Painting and decorating metals such as gold, silver, and copper with special glazed paints that are baked […]

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Watching colorful painted pieces of cloth, makes you amaze how they are wonderfully ingenuous. Different designs and themes can hold your hand and take you to the world of art. They can be plants, flowers, animals, historical events, miniature, musicians, dancers, hunting scenes, traditional gyms (zoorkhaneh) and old Iranian literature stories and historical events. The […]

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