What kind of art is popular in Iran?
Iranians have a deep history of traditional motifs, art styles, handicrafts and architecture. Thanks to the post-modern revival in Iran within the last 5 years, art galleries feature extensive modern and mixed styles of art.
What can I buy in Iran?
Iran is home to a variety of handicrafts such as Minakari (porcelain enameling), Ghalam Zani (metal repoussé), Kashi (decorative tiles) and of course Persian carpets and rugs.
What is the famous souvenir of Iran?
Iranian carpets, and other subsidiaries such as rugs and Kilims, are world renowned. Authentic Persian carpets can last over a hundred years and will not lose their color or texture. Persian Caviar is also a huge export.

Which Iranian city is famous for its handicrafts?
Isfahan is one of the most handicraft rich cities in Iran. Inside it’s gigantic Naghshe Jahan Square, you can find Minakari (porcelain enameling), Ghalam Zani (metal repoussé), Khatam (wood inlays) and Persian Carpets (wool & silk with organic coloring).
Where should I shop in Iran?
Each city offers unique shopping opportunities but you have to keep transportation in mind before making a purchase. It’s best to do the bulk of your shopping in Tehran since almost all international flights depart from there.

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