Iran Is Making Entrance Fees 5x More Expensive

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran has announced some new rates of entrance fee for museums, monuments, and historical sites. As the costs for maintaining the time-precious items and renovating constructions have risen, the ministers' community have reached a compromise to increase the entrance fee of the historical-cultural centers and museums. The [...]
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The Ancient City of Susa

Introduction When we think about the oldest civilizations in the world, we may not imagine a very developed life but in fact, they had some improvements that can still amaze us. The humans have the ability to be innovative at any time. If you're interested to know about one of the oldest cities in the [...]
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Statue and Cave of Shapur I

In the beautiful Zagros mountains, located in the southern region of Iran about 6 km from the ancient city of Bishapur, you will find one of the numerous mesmerizing pieces of history in Iran. A 7-meter colossal statue of Shapur I, the second ruler of the legendary Sasanid Empire (224-651 AD). The Sasanid Empire was [...]
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Qeshm Portuguese Castle

Known as the largest island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island lies close to the strait of Hormuz with amazing rocky coastlines and natural wonders. The island also has some fantastic historical attractions, including a wondrous Portuguese castle. The castle is located on the northern side of Qeshm Island. It was constructed by Portuguese occupying-forces [...]
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The Kerman Bazaar Complex

The Kerman Bazaar Complex is not just a simple bazaar. This 600 years old complex contains different attractions such as magnificent architectural styles from different historical periods, museums, bathhouses, caravanserais, etc. The liviliness of the bazaar itself and its original spirit that has not faded away is enough to catch the eyes of every visitor. [...]
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