Kuhrang county is in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in the west side of Iran. The unending natural beauties of this county have made it a unique tourist attraction. Kuhrang waterfall, Chama ice cave and Sheikh-Alikhan waterfall are examples of these attractions. The weather of this area is mostly cool, that’s why the best time for travelling to Kuhrang is in spring and summer. In fall and winter, Kuhrang is one of the coldest places in Iran.

Lale Vazhgoon

One of the most remarkable attractions of Kuhrang in spring is its spectacular Fritillaria plain. Fritillaria which is also called Lale Vazhgoon and Gol Ashk (Tear of flower), is a kind of spring flower known in Lily family. It has more than 100 species all around the world but the kind that exists in Iran is one of a kind. These flowers have a short life. They blossom in the last week of Farvardin (April and March) and show off their beauty in different colors for only one month. A part of this plain is under protection of Iran’s Organization of Environment Protection as a national natural site.

In  Shahnameh

There is a myth about this flower in Iran. It is famous that fritillaria witnessed the death of “Siavash”, a legendary prince in Ferdowsi’s epic, Shahnameh.. Siavash was the son of Keikavoos, one of the greatest kings in Iran. After some unfortunate incidents, Siavash goes to Turan. Then he marries one of the daughters of king Afrasiab. The king loved and trusted him, that’s why some jealous people made a plan and killed Siavash. This tragedy is well-known throughout Iran. It is said that the sorrow of Siavash’s death made these flowers to bring their head down and cry.

Kuhrang offers you lots of stunning natural views. Its colorful plains, waterfalls, water springs and its historical sites are only a part of the indescribable beauties of this county. You just have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

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