Iran, a nation rich in history and culture, has a wide variety of tourist attractions. The historical homes are among them, serving as a reminder of the rich Iranian architectural heritage and the nation’s illustrious past.

This article will take you on a tour of some of Iran’s most impressive historical houses, with a special emphasis on Kashan. Every one of the Kashan historical houses, from the Borujerdi House to the Raheb House, provides a distinctive window into the way of life in ancient Iran.

Kashan Historical Houses

Why Visit Kashan?

A 7500-year-old city, Kashan is one of Iran’s most well-liked tourist attractions. Additionally, it is among the first human settlements. The growth of the nation’s tourist sector has been substantially aided by the development of this magnificent and stunning metropolis. Rosewater, handmade Persian carpets, and a variety of tourist attractions are Kashan’s most well-known exports.

Isfahan is 200 km away, while Tehran is 250 kilometers away. The earthquake in 1778 completely destroyed the city, although it was later restored. Most tourist sites are within 15 minutes of walking distance. Some of the sights in Kashan that you shouldn’t miss include Tepe Sialk (Sialk Archeological hills), Borujerdi House, Ameri House, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse and Kashan Bazaar.

We’ll talk about the great Kashan historical houses which are worth visiting:

1. Borujerdi House, Kashan

Borujerdi HouseKashan

The Borujerdi House is a masterpiece of Iranian architecture, having been constructed in the Qajar dynasty. This historical house, which is situated in the Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood, was built for wealthy businessman Seyyed Mehdi Borujerdi by renowned architect Ali Maryam.

The home’s beautiful paintings, elaborate stucco work, and a Badgir (Wind Tower) are well-known features.

The Borujerdi House’s main entrance is a stunning piece of architecture. A lovely courtyard and rooms surrounded by Persian carpets and antique furnishings meet you as soon as you enter the imposing entryway. The home is a must-see tourist destination in Kashan because it provides an excellent illustration of how wealthy people lived during the Qajar era.

2. Tabatabaee Historical House

tabatabaei House

The Tabatabai House, or Tabatabaee House, is another historical gem located in Kashan’s center. The same architect who built the Borujerdi House also created the historical Tabatabai House, which was built over 186 years ago. The home, which was commissioned by renowned trader Seyyed Jafar Tabatabai, is divided into three separate areas: the interiors, the exteriors, and the special crew members’ rooms.

The Tabatabai House is noted for its luxurious furnishings that include exquisite stucco patterns, complex mirror work and stunning paintings.

A number of wind towers that help with the natural ventilation are also included in the Tabatabai House, exhibiting the exquisiteness of original Iranian design. With vibrant tiles and elaborate woodwork, the main entryway of the Tabatabai House is a sight to behold.

3. Abbasi House

Abbasi house

The Abbasi Hosue is another historical house in Kashan that should not be missed. The Abbasi House was constructed in the second part of the 13th century and is situated in the Sultan AAmir Ahmad area. The Abbasi Hosue is a model of Islamic architecture and one of the most exquisite Kashan historical houses due to its unique design features.

The Abbasi House is now a typical restaurant and dining room that provides guests with a distinctive experience.

There are several portions of the residence, each with unique architectural marvels. Every nook of the Abbasi House, from the main entrance to the dining rooms, is evidence of the rich Iranian architecture that has been maintained over time.

4. Ameri House

kashan historical house

A 5-star hotel, the Ameri House is one of the largest of Kashan historical houses. It has 80 rooms that are arranged around a striking courtyard and has a history that dates back to the Zand dynsasty. The residence offers visitors an opportunity to witness the magnificence of Iranian architecture since it perfectly combines luxury and heritage.

The Ameri House is more than simply a hotel; it’s an adventure. Persian carpets, vintage furniture, and elaborate mirrorwork decorate the rooms.

The massive main entryway takes you into a realm of magnificent architecture. The Ameri House is a great option for lodging if you’re traveling in a group because it combines historical charm with contemporary conveniences.

5. Akhavan Historical House

Akhavan Historical House

Although less well-known than its competitors, Kashan’s Akhavan Historical House is a hidden gem. The ancient Iranian architecture is on display in this home, which includes components that have survived the years. Beautiful paintings, exquisite tilework, and breathtaking stucco patterns cover the home.

The Akhavan House’s main entrance is impressive and leads you into a lovely courtyard that is encircled by historical-themed chambers. The home has wind towers that serve as a monument to Iranian architecture’s genius. Anyone with an interest in architecture or history needs to go here.

6. Manouchehri House

Manouchehri House

One of Kashan’s architectural masterpieces is the Manouchehri House. This historical house is nowadays being used as a conventional residence and is situated in Shahid Sabet Alley. The home has a lovely courtyard that is encircled by rooms that brilliantly showcase Iranian design.

The Manouchehri House is ornamented with components that reflect the rich history of Kashan, from the main entrance to the individual chambers. This home, which is a must-see for anybody interested in Iranian architecture and history, is distinguished by its wind towers, which offer natural ventilation, and its Persian carpets, which lend a touch of elegance.

7. Raheb House

Raheb House

The Raheb House is one of the top Kashan historical houses. The Shah, the entry vestibule, the summer porch, the winter porch and a wind tower are among the numerous elements of this historical home, which was constructed in the late Qajar and early Pahlavi eras. The house currently serves as a conventional guesthouse, giving guests a unique experience.

The Raheb House is a memorable experience rather than just a place to go. The home has a lovely courtyard that is encircled by rooms that are decorated with authentic Iranian accents. Every room in this home, from the Persian rugs to the wind towers, has a unique narrative to tell, making it a popular tourist destination in Kashan.

8. Ehsan House

Ehsan House

The Qajar era Ehsan historical house is situated in the ancient city of Kashan in the province of Isfahan. It is one of the most fascinating Kashan historical houses. This traditional home has two stories and a sizable central courtyard with a rectangular pool created in the design of native Kashan dwellings. There are trees and lovely, lush grounds near to the pool.

Additionally, there are benches scattered throughout the courtyard where visitors may unwind and socialize. The 35 rooms at the Ehsan traditional home, which can accommodate 67 visitors, are all equipped with refrigerators, toilets, and bathrooms in the Western manner. This eco-tourism location offers a variety of amenities and services, including free parking, multilingual staff, Wi-Fi, a kitchen and a tour guide.

The rooms have split and gas heater heating and cooling systems. In addition to being able to stay in this historical house, visitors may also visit the cinema, library, pottery studio, museum, and gallery. The Grand Mosque and Kashan Bazaar, which can be reached quickly on foot in a few minutes, are close by to this classic home.

Tips for Tourists

The best times to see Kashan historical houses are in the spring and fall when the weather is at its most agreeable. When visiting these historical locations, in particular, always keep in mind to respect the regional customs and traditions. To make the most of your tour, it is advised to engage a local guide because the majority of these properties charge an entrance fee.


The historical houses in Iran, especially those in Kashan, are more than simply structures; they offer a window into Iranian history and a celebration of the country’s distinctive architectural heritage.

Every house, from the Raheb House to the Borujerdi House, provides a different window into the way of life and culture of earlier Iran. These residences are more than just points of interest for visitors; they are pieces of Iran’s cultural legacy that have been preserved for present and future generations to enjoy.

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