Kuku Shirin

Kuku Shirin, one of the popular Qazvin dishes and similar to a French quiche, can be made with chicken or potatoes as a fully vegan food! Sweet Kuku is made in two parts and the final dish is decorated with almond or pistachio slices which had been cut into diamond shaped pieces.   Ingredients For [...]
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Doimaj is a traditional food of Qazvin. A very popular finger food, this dish has a strong resemblance to cheese bites. Doimaj contains shredded flatbread, cheese, cucumbers, walnuts, vegetables and sometimes yogurt. These items are mixed together and rest at room temperature until thick. Traditionally in Qazvin, they divide little portions of Doimaj with an [...]
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Gheymeh Nesar

Rice is the most common item in Iranian cuisine. They love rice and use it in almost every dish. They cook rice, mixed with lots of things: lentils, mung beans, tomatoes, cherries, saffron and dried or fresh vegetables. But the most luxurious Iranian rice dish is the famous traditional food of Qazin, Gheymeh Nesar. This [...]
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