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Hoz-e Soltan Lake Tour

Created with Sketch. Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake, Iran
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Hoz-e Soltan Lake Tour

The salty lakes are precious areas in deserts, as apart from their pure natural beauty, it’s proved that the sea salt has numerous undeniable advantages for body and it’s necessary that people use this kind of salt in their food. The salt lake, called Hoz-e Soltan, is 40 km away from north of Qom and 85 km away from south of Tehran. We start this tour from Tehran and move directly to the Lake. As we drive 35 km toward Qom, we get to a road, which leads us directly to the lake. Luckily, they have also built a road through the lake so we won’t get stuck in the swamp.

Generally, the lake area is about 240 km square but based on the season we visit the lake, its shape and width can vary. In seasons with less rain, the majority area of lake’s surface is covered by thick salt layers. But when there’s lots of rain and snow melting especially due to Alborz mountain which lies in the north of the lake, the water space gets larger. You may observe two distinct ponds which are parts of the lake. The west pond is called Hoz-e Soltan and the east one is named Hoz-e Mare. The water that flows to the lake first fills Hoz-e Mare and then Hoz-e Soltan.

Passing through the lake can be joyful with lots of fun. You will spend several hours longingly to walk to its end but you will definitely sink a bit and some playful salt will find their way into your clothes and shoes. You may also spot some bike riders who have come just to pass through the lake and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere around. The only animal living in the lake is a kind of shrimp called Artemia, because of its ability to adapt to the salty water. Of course, there are more animals living around the lake like rabbits, rats, deer, foxes, wolves, jackals, pigeons, geese, storks, flamingos, snakes and etc.

Another attraction of the deserts in Iran is caravansaries. After you visit the lake there’s also a chance to go to Ghale Sangi caravansary aged about 900 years. At last, we move back to the capital city, Tehran. The best season to visit the lake is the beginning of the spring and in the middle of autumn as there won’t be annoying coldness or bright sunlight.


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Hoz-e Soltan Salty Lake

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Created with Sketch. Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake, Iran


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