What kind of food do Iranians eat?
Iranians eat an extremely diverse range of food, from meat based stews, rice dishes, and loads of fruits, nuts and tea as snacks. There are lots of healthy, vegetarian and vegan options as well.
Is Iranian food spicy?
Iranian food is not spicy unless you visit cities along the Persian Gulf. Iranians generally enjoy sweet, tart & sour flavors.
What does Persian food taste like?
Iranians use a lot of spices and fresh ingredients in their cooking, so Persian food is always colorful and aromatic. Iranians enjoy sweet, tart & sour flavors.
What is a typical breakfast in Iran?
A typical Persian breakfast includes cheese, bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, walnuts, butter, eggs and tea.

What is the national drink of Iran?
The national drink of Iran is black tea, often served saffron rock candy. Iranians also have a wide range of local tea’s known as “Dam Noosh”.
What is the best Iranian food?
Each region has their own speciality, but some of the best Iranian foods include Ghorme Sabzi (herb stew), Gheime (split pea stew) and Koobideh Kabob (minced beef kabob).
Does Iran have any vegetarian dishes?
Iranians have lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes. They also eat lots of fruit and nuts as snacks. While there aren’t that many vegan or vegetarian restaurants, you can order Kashk o Bademjan (eggplant & whey) or Mirza Ghasemi (eggplant, egg & garlic) at almost every restaurant.

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