One of the particular works done by Vakiloroaya, the governor of Shiraz was building a complex consists of a bazaar, a mosque and a bathhouse, all called, based on his name, “Vakil”. Each of these buildings was unique in its type and became very famous at that time. Vakil bathhouse was one of the most famous buildings in its type. Its reputation was widespread in Iran as the style and methods of architecture and decorative motifs used in it was an example of the art of Zand dynasty.

Perhaps the first thing that catches your eyes as you enter this attractive bathhouse that, nowadays is a museum for recognition of Zand culture, is the images painted on the walls. Epic and religious images representing the interest of Karim Khan Zand to revive the ancient history of Iran. In addition to these images, there are wax statues in 30 different modes, showing us the bathroom was not only a place to wash but a place to perform ceremonies such as childbirth celebrations, matchmaking ceremony of marriageable girls, traditional henna ceremony (Bachelorette party), and many other interesting customs which were common during Zand era.




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