National Jewelry Museum of Iran (up to 1357 The Imperial crown jewels of Iran), is a collection of royal jewels that have been collected for hundreds of years by different kings of different eras. This museum is claimed to be the largest jewel collection in the world. The jems are on either the accessories or just pieces of precious stones in this museum, which is affiliated with the Iran Central Bank.

The start of collecting the Imperial crown jewels of Iran goes back to Safavid Era and then other kings have added some pieces to it. Sometimes at the time of changing governments, parts of it were looted. Some of jewels in this collection date back to prehistoric time.
Today, this jewelry is known as part of the culture and history of Iran, and like other elements of cultural knowledge such as architecture, customs, dance and art is an element to understand the Persian culture.

Before the Islamic Revolution, in some formal occasions such as marriage and coronation jewels used to be worn.
The collection’s jewel-encrusted dinner plates and an awe-inspiring globe with its continents picked out in emeralds are some highlights in the museum.


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