Mashhad Travel Guide

Housing the tomb of Imam Reza (8th Imam of Shia Muslims), Mashhad is considered as a religious hub for Iranians and Shia Muslims all around the world. Each year around 30 million Iranians visit Mashhad and over 1.5 million foreign visitors go to Mashhad. Note that there are strict dress codes for women to be allowed to enter the shrine. They will be provided with Chador as well. 

What to Do in Mashhad?

First things first, visit Imam Reza Holy Shrine which is one the most prominent sites for Shia Muslims; it will bring about a great chance for you to widen your horizon on Shia Muslims’ rituals and customs.

Miniature Park of Mashhad

Aside from all the attractions of the Mashhad itself like Mellat Park, Darougheh Historical House, Nader Shah Afshar’s Tomb, do not miss out on amazing landscapes and natural sites of the city like Neyshabur, Shandiz Complex, Torghabeh, and Zoshk Village. Shandiz Complex is a huge recreational hub that offers a wide range of activities for tourists. Mashhad Water Waves Lands is also a huge water park where you can have so much fun and rest a bit.Do not forget to try the well-known Persian Kabab Shishlik at Torghabeh or Shandiz since they offer the best quality of kebab in Iran. Shole is also one of the very famous Mashhad’s local dishes that you should not miss trying. Bear in mind that Mashhad produces the best Saffron in Iran, so buying some is highly recommended.  

When is the Best Time to Visit Mashhad?

Mashhad has harsh winters and pleasant summers. In order to have a pleasant stay, we recommend you travel there any season except for winter. Especially if you are looking to visit the nearby sites and cities surrounding Mashhad like Neyshabour city, and Zoshk, Shandiz, and Jaghargh villages since having access to these places will be hard.

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