Gooshto Lubia (which translates to “meat and beans”) is a delicious and nutritious traditional food of Isfahan. This mouthwatering dish is very similar to Dizi but Gooshto Lubia is cooked with white beans and vegetables.

In order to cook Gooshto Lubia(Isfahan local food), you should first season lamb’s meat and braise it with onions and turmeric for a while. Add the white beans and let it cook until the meat and the beans are half cooked. Chop some fresh parsley and chives in big pieces and add to the pot while at the same time removing the onions. You can also add Persian rice, dried lime and dried fenugreek leaves for a more exotic taste. Let this magical elixir slow cook for about an hour. When the meat is completely cooked, drain the beans and the meat and mash them together. This mashed mixture is called Koobideh. Serve the broth (Abgoosht) and Koobideh alongside some pickled eggplants, fresh basils and flatbread.


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