Isfahan is the most beautiful city in Iran, full of stunning and eye-catching monuments you travel to the history.


We all know Isfahan with its very beautiful and amazing historical monuments. A city that shines like a jewel inside the central plateau of Iran with the Zayandeh River passing through it and has seen historical and eventful days. Isfahan is also a city that has become famous not only for its buildings and old […]

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Gaz is one of those delicacies that in the old days was offered only to kings. Ordinary people did not have the right to enjoy its taste for many years. Therefore, this delicious food dates back 450 years ago. They say the first producer of Gaz was Mr. Mohammad Ali Shekarchian. He was the one […]

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Lavender Tea

Lavender or as Persians call it “ustukhuddus” is a plant with multiple purposes. Lavender oil is a natural mosquito repellent. Its flowers yield nectar, from which bees make a high-quality monofloral honey. Lavender greens are used similar to rosemary to flavour meat and vegetables. Persians use dried English lavender buds to make a tasty tea. […]

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Khoresht Mast

In Persian cuisine, the word “khoresht” mostly refers to thick, sour stews which are served as main meals alongside a some sort of rice dish. On the other hand, Khoresht Mast (literally meaning “yogurt stew”), despite having the name khoresht in the title, is a bright yellow, sweet dessert and mostly served as a side […]

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Gooshto Lubia

Gooshto Lubia (which translates to “meat and beans”) is a delicious and nutritious traditional food of Isfahan. This mouthwatering dish is very similar to Dizi but Gooshto Lubia is cooked with white beans and vegetables. In order to cook Gooshto Lubia(Isfahan local food), you should first season lamb’s meat and braise it with onions and […]

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