The Jameh Mosque of Kerman, also known as Mozaffari Jameh Mosque, is a 14th century (Muzaffarids era) structure. The mosque is located close to Ganj Ali Khan Complex, in Kerman Bazaar. It has survived lots of incidents, from canon shots of the 18th century (Qajar era) to the arson attack of the 20th century (Second Pahlavi era).

The mosque has a rectangular courtyard with a big pool in the middle, constructed in symmetrical fashion. The mosque has 3 entrances in its western, eastern and northern sides. The eastern entrance has an enormous gate-way with wonderful blue tile decorations and a antique mechanical clock at the top. The mosaic tile works of the altar in the western side of the mosque is another must see of this place.

Behind the western side of the mosque, lies the tomb of Raji Kermani, the Iranian poet.
The Jameh Mosque of Kerman was registered as a national heritage site in 1937


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