People like to travel all over the world, from best-known places to far-flung corners of the globe. But one reason that can motivate you to travel is immersing yourself in the traditions of an original place. Should you travel to Tehran, not only can you visit the most modern attractions, but also you have a chance to dive into one of the most ancient bazaars in the world, through which everything but the kitchen sink can be found. Surely walking through Tajrish Bazaar would be one of the highlights of your travel. An interesting fact is that “Tajrish” means arrow or pointed. It probably stems from the neighboring mountainous topography. The air inside the bazaar is cooler than that of central Tehran. The combination of daylight sneaking through skylights in the domed hallway of the bazaar, plus the cool breeze, makes you feel awesome.

Tajrish Bazaar Roof - Tehran Top Attraction

Tajrish Bazaar History

This covered bazaar has very ancient architecture and structure. Some of its places have been built more than 200 years ago, back in the Qajar dynasty. Thus, it has been recorded as a National Monument of Iran. When you arrive at the bazaar, you’ll be greeted by a lengthy hallway, lined with brown brick, which has been popular with many people who reminisce about Iran’s olden days. However, no matter how busy the surrounding city may be, once you step foot into the bazaar, with its distinct turquoise signs and vibrant aromas, you’ll instantly feel at home.

Tajrish Bazaar History - Tehran Top Attraction

Painting Palette

The roofed passageway can be overwhelming with a profusion of tantalizing aromas and the chattering sound of merchants and customers, bargaining heavily, create a vibrant surrounding. Never have you seen such an exotic and charming collection of goods in one place. The bazaar is brimming with edible and functional odd assortments. From nuts, dairy dried to fruits, pickles, spices, and rock candy (saffron-tinged nabat). In addition, the brand new sight of varying vivid colors including fiery red, verdant, glowing yellow of seasonal fruits and vegetables with their smooth-skins, intact stems and shiny leaves mingled with the glittery store lights create a lifelike fresco. Thus, it’s strongly recommended to take photos as much as you can.

Tajrish Bazaar Fruits - Tehran Top Attraction

Tajrish Bazaars’s Souvenirs

The local hangout has lots of quaint things to offer. From beads, fabrics, tinware, electronic devices to perfumes, toys, gold and silver jewelry, copper plates, knitted slippers, silk and cotton scarves and much more, you can find it all in Tajrish Bazaar. Shopkeepers stack their merchandise up in front of their shops, on tinned trays and bags neatly, to make the best traveler-friendly environment. Not to mention that the finest souvenir you would probably buy is embossed working plates.

Tajrish Souvenir - Tehran Top Attraction


As it was mentioned earlier mountainous surroundings that are close to Darband give you a chance to hiking. There are lots of hiking gear to meet your needs as well. Once you’re out of the bazaar, you can explore the neighboring natural attractions. So, don’t miss hiking on Tajrish Bazaar’s neighboring mountains. You can also find Imamzadeh Saleh’s Shrine there which many pilgrims come to visit on their a daily basis.

All in all, it is a must-see tourist attraction when you visit Tehran in the sense that it attracts a massive influx of tourists(Iran tour).  The reason would be that it is smaller and more compact than the big one, meaning that you could experience lots of things in a short span of time. Walking through the covered, historic antique shop would be an incredible and memorable experience in your life.



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