Tehran Tajrish Bazaar, which is restricted to Emamzadeh Saleh Mausoleum and the alleys around it from one side and to Tajrish Square from the other side, is one of the oldest shopping centers in Shemiranat and retains its old urban fabric. The old bazaar has retained the ancient structure of its old and famous chambers however there is a new bazaar next to it. Vaulted Tajrish Bazaar, that connects the two neighborhoods of Sarpol and Tajrish neighborhood, is a small sample of the Tehran bazaar. Perhaps one of the important reasons for this valuable bazaar is maintaining its old fabric. When we enter the market, the only thing that connects us to the world of today, is the people who are busy with shopping enthusiastically.

One of the other things that could be interesting and attractive about this market is the inlaid and tile work, which is specifically beautiful. There are tiling works on top of the stores, on each of which the name of each store has beautifully been written.