Isfahan is famous for its collection of  bridges spanning the width of the Zayanderud river that runs through the heart of the city. One of the most famous bridges in Isfahan is Si-o-Se Pol, which literally translates to the “thirty-three gate bridge”.

Si-o-Se Pol Bridge, also known as Allahverdi Khan bridge, is a Safavid era (1501- 1736) construction, which was utilized as both a civilian bridge as well as a dam. The plan of the city of Isfahan during the Safavid era, was to create a man made axis (Chahar Bagh street) perpendicular to a natural axis (Zayanderud River). Si-o-Se Pol is situated at the crossing of these two axises and acts as the heart of the city.

Even though the river is dried most of the time, Si-o-Se Pol is still a popular destination even for Iranians themselves. People go on picnics along riverside parks around the bridge and start to sing under Si-o-Se Pol starting at sunset. Most of the people agree that few objects appear more beautiful than the setting of the sun over a river. Si-o-Se Pol is one of the top places to watch the brilliancy of the sunset colors, even if the river isn’t flowing.

Holding the record for largest Iranian historical offshore construction (buildings made in the middle of waterways or bodies of water), spectacular views and a uniquely joyous atmosphere created by curious and warm people have made Si-o-Se Pol a must-see attraction.  

Si-o-Se Pol Bridge-Isfahan-Iran-TAPPersiaSi-o-Se Pol Bridge-Isfahan-Iran-TAPPersiaSio se pol Bridge - IsfahanSi-o-Se Pol Bridge-Isfahan-Iran-TAPPersia


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