Modern Iranian society places a high priority on beauty, which has increased rivalry for that status. Iran apparently has the highest rate of cosmetic treatments worldwide as measured by the proportion of patients who underwent cosmetic procedures as opposed to the total population.

With more than 175,000 surgical and non-surgical procedures performed there, Iran was rated the top in the world in 2013. Iranian women currently place a greater emphasis on attractiveness, despite the fact that many males may undergo plastic surgery in Iran to enhance their looks.

We shall examine the many procedures used in plastic surgery in Iran.


Liposuction, sometimes known as lipo, is a surgical technique that removes extra fat from various body areas, including the hips, thighs, abdomen, arms, and neck. Your look and self-esteem can be enhanced by having liposuction surgery to remove excess fat and reshape the body. Liposuction can occasionally be combined with other plastic surgery in Iran like a facelift, tummy tuck, or breast reduction.

Before Doing Liposuction in Iran

Before Doing Liposuction in Iran

A few days before your liposuction procedure, you must see and chat with your surgeon. The surgeon will inquire about your present lifestyle, physical and emotional health, current self-image, and expectations for the future during this discussion. Additionally, before the procedure, keep in mind the following advice:

  • Perform the required lab tests
  • Take the recommended medicine
  • Smoking needs to be cut out at least two weeks before surgery
  • Preoperatively, refrain from using herbal supplements and aspirin
  • Tell your physician about your allergies

You can check out Liposuction safety if you are concerned about the Dos and Don’ts of this type of surgery.

The Procedure of Liposuction in Iran

First, the surgeon will choose which type of anesthetic (local or general) is best for you based on your physical condition and the sort of operation you are having. The surgeon will next introduce a narrow tube known as a cannula after providing anesthetic and making a small, hardly perceptible incision in the chosen location. Finally, the surgeon uses a surgical suction and cannula tube to remove excess fat.

Possible Complications of Liposuction in Iran

Liposuction has some potential dangers and problems, just as with other plastic surgery in Iran, which must be disregarded. For additional details on potential liposuction adverse effects in Iran, keep reading.

  • Complications of anesthesia
  • Bruising or hematoma
  • Infection
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Nerve damage
  • Bleeding
  • A delay in the wounds’ ability to heal
  • Potential harm to the muscles and blood vessels
  • Prolonged swelling
  • Inflation

Cost of Liposuction in Iran

Cost of Liposuction in Iran

The price of liposuction in Iran varies depending on a number of variables, including the cost of the anesthetic, the type of operation, the hospital’s amenities, the medications provided, and the qualifications and reputation of the physician. In contrast to the United States and Europe, where lipo is substantially more expensive, the typical cost in Iran is between $1,500 and $2,500.

Why Iran for Liposuction?

Liposuction is an extremely expensive and labor-intensive treatment that should only be carried out by a qualified professional, despite the fact that it may greatly improve your appearance. Fortunately, Iran is home to some of the world’s most accomplished and knowledgeable plastic surgeons. Additionally, Iran has far more affordable surgical costs than other nations, and its medical facilities are of an equivalent standard to those in western nations. Thus, if you have decided to get liposuction surgery, one of your best options is Iran.


One technique for body sculpting surgery involves moving fat from one area of the body to the buttocks, known in Iran as the Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

This procedure aims to give the hips additional fullness and improve their appearance. This technique can also aid in resolving some age-related problems, such as drooping and malformed hips.

The Brazilian butt lift uses the patient’s own fat to sculpt the butt, in contrast to other buttock surgeries that employ implants like silicone buttock implants. Because no foreign object is inserted into the body during the Brazilian butt lift, the results are more realistic and it is a safe approach. In addition, compared to silicone buttock implants, the Brazilian butt lift carries a decreased risk of infection and response. A Brazilian butt lift can produce benefits that persist for several months to many years.

Of course, you can require several procedures to achieve your goals. It can take another six months for the full consequences of the initial surgery to manifest themselves.

Price of BBL Surgery in Iran 

Price of BBL Surgery in Iran 

BBL costs between $2,500 and $4,000 in Iran, without counting the associated medical expenses.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic operations carried out globally to enhance a person’s appearance. The nose’s bones and cartilage are altered by the plastic surgeon during this procedure to make it smaller. Additionally, rhinoplasty can shrink big nostrils, modify the nose’s tip, and balance out an asymmetrical nasal structure. Additionally, some patients get rhinoplasty to treat respiratory issues such as blocked nasal airways and nasal septal deviation.

Three Reasons Why You Should Do Nose Job in Iran

The surgeons and their assistants are well-versed in this discipline since Iran performs thousands of rhinoplasties each year. Second, you may be confident in the amenities of your preferred medical center because Iran has several sophisticated hospitals and clinics for plastic surgery.

And lastly, compared to other countries, Iran has far more economic nose jobs. So, if you want a better appearance, consider rhinoplasty in Iran. It is crucial to remember that Iranian surgeons provide significantly higher-quality treatments than their counterparts from Turkey and India. Learn more about the differences between Iran and Turkey, and check out nose job in Iran and Turkey if you are considering plastic surgery in Iran.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Nose Job in Iran

Factors Influencing the Cost of Nose Job in Iran

Rhinoplasty changes the way you appear; thus it should only be done by a qualified surgeon at a facility that has been approved. Despite having the greatest plastic surgeons and most advanced medical technology, Iran’s nose jobs cost between $1,200 and $2,500. This figure may vary based on the surgeon’s standing, the difficulty of the procedure, and the hospital’s resources. 

Different Types of Rhinoplasty in Iran

There are two methods of rhinoplasty used in Iran: open and closed. Depending on your health and expectations, your surgeon will pick one of these approaches. 

Closed Rhinoplasty

You will have mild swelling and scarring as a result of this procedure because all surgical incisions are performed inside and there are no external scars. 

Open Rhinoplasty

With this method, an incision is made between the nostrils to provide the surgeon easier access to the cartilage. A minor scar may remain on the nose despite the fact that this treatment can restore the cartilage more precisely.

Who Can Benefit from Nose Job in Iran?

Who Can Benefit from Nose Job in Iran?

Today, practically anybody may get plastic surgery in Iran, including nose jobs, thanks to advances in science and technology. However, in order to do a nose job in Iran, the following prerequisites must be satisfied:

  • Being between the age of 18 and 60
  • Being physically and mentally healthy
  • Not having respiratory diseases or pneumonia
  • Not being pregnant
  • Being a non-smoker and light drinker
  • Having no heart disease or diabetes

Breast Augmentation

Those who desire to have breast augmentation surgery will do so to make their breasts larger. Your surgeon strengthens your breasts throughout this procedure. Consequently, your breasts get stronger and firmer. The surgeon might put implants or fat into your breasts. Depending on your desire and his judgment, the surgeon will choose the approach and method to apply. In this procedure, the physician first creates the required incisions before placing the prosthesis and closing the wound with sutures. Depending on the organs and tissue in your breasts, incisions created during this treatment may be done in a variety of locations.

The advantages of breast augmentation for women in Iran are numerous. Naturally, it must be acknowledged that it is also quite well-liked. One of the most frequent procedures possible, this procedure is carried out in the finest method feasible today. You may reclaim your attractiveness and beauty by having this procedure. Additionally, if you feel uneasy about your drooping breasts after giving birth, this surgery will make you joyful once again. Your surgeon assists you in achieving healthy, attractive breasts. You’ll have new breasts. If they are asymmetrical, their issue will be resolved, and you’ll regain your self-assurance and happiness.

Iran offers this procedure at a lower cost than other nations. One of the centers for cosmetic surgery is in Iran. Patients seeking cosmetic surgery often travel to Iran. Breast augmentations are very common among Iranian women looking for plastic surgery in Iran. Iran offers this procedure at a more affordable price without sacrificing quality. You must first make an online appointment with the surgeon prior to the procedure before traveling to Iran to complete other tasks. The surgeon will decide after the procedure how long you should stay in Iran and will provide you with the required advice.

If you want to learn more about these two procedures and how they vary from one another, be sure to read Breast Augmentation Vs. Implant.

Face Lift

Face Lift

The facial lifting technique makes a person’s face look five to ten years younger. People between the ages of 60 and 40 frequently get face tension or lifting surgery. Of course, this movement may be used at any age. In general, though, when the face is lifted to remove extra fat, the lower muscles stiffen, the skin on the face and neck is pulled, and all of these things work together to significantly lessen the indications of aging. To make you as attractive as possible, cosmetic surgery is performed. Surgery won’t be able to make a miraculous difference if you expect it to.

In reality, plastic surgery combines science and art. Due to several elements that affect the outcome, surgery is not totally a science and cannot always be controlled by the patient or the surgeon. The outcome cannot be guaranteed. But some individuals’ face lift surgery outcomes are more predictable than others. Depending on a number of variables, including the bones in the face, the age of the skin, the quantity and types of wrinkles, the presence or absence of fat, the quality of the skin, the age of the skin, the age of the skin’s skin, and hormones.

There will be scars after facelift surgery in Iran that are performed to tighten sagging skin and reduce wrinkles (surgical incision). Contrary to what you may have been told, not all surgical scars can be removed. Placing scars along natural lines, where they are less noticeable or may be hidden by hairstyles, is the skill of the plastic surgeon. Despite being permanent, the scars are barely visible and pose no issues. Some people contend that traditional procedures are ineffective and don’t have long-lasting benefits, while non-surgical facelifts, like yarn facial lifts, are beneficial.


Otoplasty, sometimes known as cosmetic ear surgery, modifies the shape, size, or position of the ears. You can also choose to get plastic surgery in Iran if the size of your ears disturbs you. You might also wish to consider Otoplasty if your ear or ears are disfigured due to an accident or a congenital problem. Otoplasty can be done at any age up to adulthood once the ears have reached their maximum size, usually after age 5. Surgery may be performed as young as age 3 in rare circumstances.

If splinting is done as soon as possible after birth, a kid who is born with prominent ears and certain other concerns regarding ear shape may have success with the procedure. Cosmetic ear surgery results vary widely depending on the intended alterations, but these operations typically boost self-confidence, especially in kids and teens.

Iranian Otoplasty doctors can enhance the beauty of your face. Iranian Otoplasty physicians can also assist you in deciding which sort of Otoplasty is most appropriate for you. It is crucial that you seek the advice of qualified and experienced Otoplasty doctors in Iran who have made it possible for patients with modest means to effortlessly undertake the procedure there.

Due to the great demand and cheap cost of Otoplasty in Iran, thousands of patients go to Iran every year to have Otoplasty with the best Otoplasty surgeons at an inexpensive and fair price. As a result, Iranian plastic surgeons have greater experience than their counterparts in other nations.

What is Plastic Surgery?

What is Plastic Surgery?

To alter your look, plastic surgery is performed. It could include changing the shape and contour of the body, getting rid of wrinkles, or for certain people, getting rid of bald patches. Others could choose varicose vein treatment or breast augmentation. Choosing from a number of cosmetic surgery procedures allows both men and women to project an image that boosts their self-assurance and comfort with their physical appearance.

The number of people choosing to have aesthetic plastic surgery continues to rise despite the fact that health insurance seldom pays for the costs of such treatments. Breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, and facelifts are among the most popular cosmetic procedures.

Plastic surgery abroad: why do people seek cosmetic surgery in another country?

The international patient department (IPD) was established inside the Iran health ministry following the new policy to promote medical tourism regarding plastic surgery in Iran in order to assist medical tourism organizations and hospitals in providing higher-quality services for foreigners seeking medical assistance in Iran. Iran has seen a huge increase in medical tourism over the past ten years. People go across borders in quest of medical care that is more affordable and of higher quality. Additionally, a lot of individuals go to Iran for top-notch cosmetic surgery from Europe and North America. Iran is currently the epicenter of medical tourism in West Asia and the Middle East.

One of Iran’s fastest-growing businesses, medical tourism is predicted to contribute more than two billion dollars to the country’s economy in 2021.

Due to the exorbitant expense of healthcare at home, travelers from Europe, the US, Russia, and Arab nations travel to Iran to receive medical care, particularly cosmetic surgery, for up to 90% less money. Iran’s healthcare system has developed and flourished throughout the years, and the nation today possesses a number of cutting-edge hospitals and clinics.

Why is Iran a good plastic surgery destination?

Plastic surgeons have been able to have a great deal of knowledge in this field as a result of the numerous cosmetic procedures carried out each year. Iran, a long-established center of culture and medicine, has become a destination for all types of operations, particularly cosmetic surgeries, which can be attributed to the high level of experience of its physicians, the high quality and low cost of medical services, the use of cutting-edge techniques and technologies, and most importantly, a high rate of patient satisfaction.

These aren’t the only causes, though. In addition to experiencing professional plastic surgery in Iran, patients may appreciate the charms surrounding them and have a nice and enjoyable vacation because of its plethora of tourist attractions and magnificent landscapes.

How to get my cosmetic surgery done in Iran?

It will be challenging to select a qualified, reputable medical team with top-notch tools and facilities if you are thinking about having plastic surgery in Iran.

However, there are several medical facilities that offer a wide range of medical treatments. To receive excellent counsel on the specifics of your surgery, all you have to do is determine which option best suits you and speak with the experts.

Why TAP Persia?

Finding the best surgeon, facility, and clinic for your plastic surgery is not always simple, especially when there are so many unskilled medical professionals taking advantage of the rising demand for cosmetic operations. This endeavor gets much more difficult when you consider the astronomically exorbitant rates charged by many plastic surgeons. TAP Persia is here to assist you in this matter by connecting you with the most respected plastic surgeons in Iran who provide top-notch services at the most competitive costs.

For this reason, getting in touch with the TAP Persia team has several advantages. To begin with, we answer any inquiries you may have swiftly to prevent our wasting your valuable time by our staff. Second, you can receive specific recommendations based on your requirements and preferences if you’re seeking for excellent medical professionals in this area. Third, you will learn about plastic surgery prices in TAP Persia, which are astronomically cheaper than those in other nations. The finest plastic surgeons in Iran will provide you with excellent consultations, too. Fifth, the crew will simply assist you in obtaining a visa for your procedure. Finally, there’s no need to worry because the TAP Persia team has prepared all the services you could want before entering or departing Iran. As you can see, TAP Persia is a name that is proud of bringing care, accuracy, focus, discipline, and fun with it.

Visit Iran’s nose job for more details about other medical procedures offered there, and talk with our staff for the best results.

Is Plastic Surgery Common in Iran?

Iran is apparently the nation with the greatest rate of cosmetic treatments, measured in terms of the proportion of patients who underwent cosmetic procedures as opposed to the entire population.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost in Iran?

In Iran, plastic surgery is quite reasonably priced. The cost of cosmetic procedures in Tehran is as follows, according to a study by the Iranian Ministry of Health: Starting at $1,500, a nose job Breast augmentation costs $2,000 to start. Starting at $2,200, tummy tucks Dental veneers (the Hollywood grin) cost $80 per tooth on average.

What is the Most Common Plastic Surgery in Iran?

In Iran, rhinoplasty is a more common type of plastic surgery in Iran than other facial procedures.

Does Iran Have Good Plastic Surgeons?

The hospitals and clinics in Iran are up to date on industry standards, and the country has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. So experience the best plastic surgery in Iran.

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