Does Iran have nomads?
Yes, it does. Iran is one of only a handful of countries within the area spanning from modern Turkey all the way to Uzbekistan that are still home to authentic nomadic tribes. Two of the most famous nomadic tribes are the Qashqai nomads and the Bakhtiari nomads.
Which religion do people believe in Iran?
A vast majority of Iran falls under the Shia Muslim faith. The government is in fact a theocracy, based upon the ideals of Islam. Iran is also home to minority religions such as Armenian Apostolic Christianity, Iranians Jews and Zoroastrians.
Are Iranians friendly?
Iranians are known to be some of the friendliest people in the middle east. This is one of the biggest things that travelers recall when talking about their time in Iran, how everyone seems to go out of their way to make sure you get the best impression of Iran.
What language do Iranians speak?
Iranians across Iran speak Iranian Persian or Farsi. This is also the official language of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Iran is also home to several different languages such as Armenian and Arabic.

Do Iranians speak English?
A vast majority of young Iranians, even those in their 30s-40’s, especially in urban centers, speak a good deal of English. If you go outside the cities, you have to find someone working in the tourism sector (hotel, driver, guide) to translate.
Are Iranians and Arabs the same?
Iranians and Arabs have always been neighbors, but they are extremely different in culture, values, and even looks. While Western countries are friendlier with Arab countries politically, Iran is actually extremely close, culturally, to Western standards and values.
Do Iranian people hate Americans and other Westerners?
Iranians do not hate Americans or Westerners at all. Most Iranians living in the city are actually huge fans of American culture and values. More importantly, Iranians are incredible hosts, never being judgmental when it comes to treating guests with honor.

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