“… and Moses put his walking stick in the water and the sea split.” You have definitely heard of Moses and his miracle of splitting the sea, but you have heard nothing of splitting the mountain, have you? So, let’s discover another miracle in the Middle East – another new dreamy destination in Kurdistan province, Iran – Palangan Village.

Palangan Village Sanandaj

As if a miracle like the splitting of the sea has happened and the mostly rugged mountain has split. Hundreds of years ago a high impassable mountain had split and a nice stream began flowing in the depths of the created valley. So it became easier to begin life and build a village there.

That’s how a lovely stepped village has been built and its eye-catching nature and exciting ceremony attract many tourists yearly. 

You have never ever seen something like the Palangan village ceremony and there is no similar ceremony of that. You should only visit this dreamy village in order to enjoy it – I am going to specify a single part of the article to depict the ceremony, but first let’s discover our destination.

The Land of Stepped Villages, Hawraman (Uraman)

Palangan Village Sanandaj

There are different architecture styles in Iran. In fact, some of the differences are because of the characteristics of the natural environments and some are due to people’s beliefs.

In Palangan village you will discover a specific style of architecture known as stepped design. Actually it is because of the natural environment. There would be no other choice for people to build their houses and villages in a rather wide area named Hawraman. Here is the land of stepped villages where the rooftop of a house is the yard of the other one.

One of the very specific and famous villages of the area is Palangan. The houses of the village are built by stone. A lovely river is running through the middle of the valley, that’s why Palangan village is divided into two opposite sides of the valley. 

I shouldn’t forget to indicate that this stream, called Tangivar stream, is one of the headwaters of Sirwan – a really favorite river among local people. It plays a really love-some role amongst the Kurdish poems. Whenever a catastrophe has happened, the poets asked Sirwan to sprinkle its water to turn off the fatal fire.

Also, if you climb up the village, you will notice awesome mountains. Yes, you are right; you are in the footsteps of the well-known Shaho Mountains. 

Lose yourself in the Ceremony

Palangan Village SanandajNowrouz is a traditional Iranian ceremony. However, the New Year ceremony has an absolutely particular taste in Palangan Village. Here, you will feel one of the noblest presences of Iranian originality. In fact you will find yourself in the middle of the very descendants of Ahura Mazda.


How? Let’s see.

It is about the New Year ceremony. The younger people have gathered firewood beforehand – they went to Shaho Mountains two days ago and brought the firewood. 

Now, it is the day, when people – both men and women – have gathered together under the bridge of the village. Each one has his/her flambeau and all of them are ready. Because when they hear the sound of gunfire (don’t panic! It is safe and secure here), some of them should move in groups and turn on the firewood that they have gathered in five specific places of Palangan village.

After hearing the second sound of gunfire, they turn on their flambeaus. When the third sound of gunfire was heard, they climb up the village and stand on the rooftops of the houses. Now, it is time to have more fun. On the rooftops of the houses or in the Tangivar bank, the beautiful traditional Kurdish dance will begin. 

That’s obvious that you will enjoy a lot of dreamy views during the ceremony. Flambeaus, the presence of young men and women wearing their colorful traditional Kurdish clothing, the sound of gunfire, the flames of fire from different parts of the village, Kurdish dance, and …. 

All of the mentioned views create a dreamy experience for, especially, the aficionados of original Iranian traditions. 

Nope, you are not dreaming, you have just lost yourself in the beauty of traditions here in Palangan village.

I am a Foodie, What Shall I Have?

There are several fish-breading complexes in Palangan, so fish is cheap and abundant here. You will discover that there are small restaurants in Sirwan river bank; so, you can enjoy tasting various local foods as well.

However, I have special offer for foodies visiting Palangan village! There is a specific fish kebab with vegetables. It will be prepared (kebabed) in a kind of traditional furnace. Don’t miss it. Of course you have to wait for almost half an hour to have it, but it is worth waiting for “Masi Kebab-i Tanuri (mahi kebab-e tanuri)”. 

The Other Beauties of Palangan Village

Palangan Village Sanandaj

Don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular waterfalls. There are 20 springs in the village among which we can name Sheikh ‘Ala Al-din, Sheikh Khatoun, and Sheikh Omar. 

Start your car and drive 10 kilometers away from the village; you are enjoying visiting the mineral water springs of “Guwaz”. The color of the springs’ water has changed because of iron and sulfur. Local people say that the springs’ water has some medical uses. For example, they are useful in curing diseases such as skin diseases, respiratory tract diseases, and rheumatism. 

History of Palangan Village

Palangan Village Sanandaj

There is an old graveyard in Palangan village that its tombs are simply made of stone. You can find Kofi scripts on some of them; their history goes back to sixth and seventh centuries AH.

Antiquity-lovers may also want to visit the remains of rooms, bridges, and fireplaces of the Palangan castle, located at the southeast of the village. 

It should be mentioned that a document was found in Palangan village that was written in Parthian Pahlavi Script. It was the oldest original document found in the area and was written on a deerskin paper. 

Unfortunately, the original version of the original document of Hawraman is now in the Berlin Museum, Germany. I mentioned it to inform you about the history of the village.



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