Open your music notebook and get ready to compose new notes of love, dance, and beauty. We want you to enjoy listening to the noblest music while slowly climbing the Beautiful Mount. When you get to the summit of the Mount, then you may dance with local people there or just enjoy watching the city from the top. You are enjoying being in one of The Most Creative Cities in Music throughout the World; welcome to Sanandaj, the capital city of Kurdistan province.

What Do You Know about Sanandaj?

Sanandaj is located in the west of Iran among the Zagros Mountains. It is the capital city of Kurdistan province, one the divisions located in the Iran-Iraq border. The city is surrounded by three mounts named Abidar, Sheikh Ma’rouf, and Seraj Al-Din. Sanandaj has also been recorded as one of the UNESCO’s City of Music that is part of the wider Creative Cities Network.

What Sanandaj Offers

Are you a dance- and music-lover? Or, have you decided to spend your vacation amid eye-catching mountains? Sanandaj has a myriad of differences to offer, from historical mansions to natural and cultural attractions.

Enjoy the historical mansions located in Sanandaj. Have a walk in the heart of the city and visit mansions such as Moshir Divan Mansion, Salar Sa’id Mansion (The Museum of Sanandaj), Amjad Al-Ashraf Mansion, Vakil Al-Molk Mansion, Khosrow Abad Mansion, and so on. You will get lost in the beauty of the architecture of different historical cycles.

Get much more familiar with the rich culture of Kurdish people here. If you are interested in Kurdish culture, you should also visit Asefe Vaziri Mansion (Khaneye Kurd (Kurd’s House)).
Summit the Abidar of Sanandaj and climb along with its different parks. Enjoy a tasty traditional dish there while watching the city of “Hezar Tappe,” literally meaning a thousand hills. Here, people are friendly with foreigners, so if you chance upon a dancing group in the hillside, don’t just watch them, get closer and begin to dance – of course, it will be a Kurdish traditional dance.