Masal, Iran is one of the numerous locations in Iran that attracts a lot of interest, particularly among Iran ecotourism aficionados. Even if home builders and retailers do not yet have complete authority over the green roof, it has managed to keep its beauty and tranquility. As summer approaches, the desire to vacation somewhere cooler grows swiftly.

Without a doubt, one of the places we can recommend is the stunning Masal countryside. This seemingly remote natural environment is always shrouded in a lovely mist. As you unwind in the chilly, misty water, your fantasy of walking on clouds is going to come true. This area has become a great getaway from the crowds because of its natural charms. Let’s explore this amazing location in more detail.

Masal and Shanderman: Two Parts of a Beautiful Whole

Masal, Iran

The cities of Masal and Shanderman, both of which have natural tourism features, are located in the Gilan province in northern Iran. One of the things that attracted the attention of naturalists to Masal, Iran was the lovely scenery of this city and its verdant forests. However, this area is home to the beautiful phenomenon known as the cloud ocean, which makes the idea of floating through the air a reality.

This area’s natural wonders, like the rivers and caverns, have made Masal well-known and distinctive. One of the first cities to have existed under the Parthian empire, Masal is a picturesque location. Masal and Shanderman both make up a portion of this city. Masal, Iran seems to have its origins in the Taleshi word “Mazal,” which denotes a mountainous area or a city surrounded by mountains. However, no one is quite certain of its exact meaning at this time.

Masal, Iran

A tourist town named Shanderman, which is regarded as a villa and bungalow area and has all the facilities you could possibly need, is located in the western part of the Gilan province, and between the mountains covered in trees, between the pure environment and the wonderful landscape. Shanderman Masal Tourist Village is one of Masal’s most popular tourist destinations.

In the Talshi language, the name Shanderman, which means to travel with me, once belonged to a sizable clan that used to reside in this region. Of course, some people think Shanderman had a lot of caravanserais and that the town got its name from being a spot where numerous caravans passed. In addition to all of this, some people think that this area was formerly a royal one, thus the names Shanderman or Shah Darman, which both mean “King in me.”

Geography of Masal

Geography of Masal

In the country’s far north, Masal in Iran is one of the most stunning and unspoiled areas. A region of foothills is Masal. As a result, certain natural characteristics that are exclusive to the country’s north have emerged.

It is bordered by thick meadows and beautiful green surroundings as far as the eye can reach around Masal, Iran. Following other parts of the province, this one has a moderate, humid climate that, due to its presence in a mountainous area, naturally transitions into a little cooler, more mountainous environment. With an annual average humidity of 80%, this area has year-round temperatures ranging from 28 degrees in the summer to 3 degrees in the winter.

The Unique Natural Beauty of Masal

Waterfalls, woodlands, and gushing rivers may be found throughout Masal. One benefit of this location is the peace and quiet that come with being distant from the throng. You may feel on top of the world when strolling in a valley surrounded by beech, plum, and wooden houses. A few of Masal’s most notable natural wonders are listed below:

1.Masal Rivers

Masal Rivers

From the Masal attractions, the two lovely rivers that have enhanced the beauty of this region cannot be disregarded when traveling to Iran.
The two most significant rivers in this area are the Masal Khalkai and Shanderman Morghak rivers. In these turbulent waters, you can even sail. Of course throughout the summer in favorable weather!

2.Masal Spectacular Countryside

Olsabelangah is a small rural community perched above Masal in Iran. Every spring and summer, residents of Masal move to this community.
This picturesque mountainous town, which is 1,000 and 489 meters above sea level, still draws people in with its wooden homes and boards and vibrant ceilings since it has maintained its original form and design.

3.Avishu Cave

Masal Beach Park

Masal, Iran is home to several caverns. Avishu is the biggest and most stunning cave in this city. With a 15-meter span and an atrium height of 30 to 50 meters, this cave lies 22 km from Masal. The cave also has several cascades and a river. The stalagmite and stalactite in this cave have lengths of up to one meter, which adds to the splendor of the cave.

You must travel to Masal and travel 40 km from Shanderman City in order to get to this cave. The Avishu cave is visible there.

4.Masal Beach Park

Alongside the Khalkai River, Masal Beach Park has developed a lovely environment for visitors.
The primary Iran tourist attractions for visitors to this village are Olsabelangah village and Asbe Rise, which are split into three sections of the park’s greenery.

The Forests of Masal: An Outstanding Natural Attraction

The Forests of Masal An Outstanding Natural Attraction

Gilan is one of the regions in the north of Iran that are known for their stunning and amazing rainforests. The lovely city in the province of Gilan, which has more than 70,000 hectares of woods and meadows, is a worthwhile travel destination. Masal, Iran is a well-known location for people who like to stroll through luxuriant woodlands and take in the lovely surroundings. As far as the eye could see, the mountains are covered with verdant valleys and dense woods.

Historical Landmarks in Masal

Cole Castle, Vashme Sara, Khandileh Posht, Imamzadeh Shafie, Tofang SazGun, and Sang Bast are some of the historical locations in Masal, Iran. Mirza Taghi Khan Jangali, the jungle foreman who perished in the Masal highlands, is also remembered at his memorial there.

The Thriving Wildlife of Masal

wildlife in Masal

There are several creatures that are well-known in the lovely town of Masal, Iran. Domestic sheep, cow, and horse herds are raised by the locals. Wild creatures including bears, leopards, wolves, gazelles, roebucks, and wild cats are only a few of the many intriguing and unique birds that may be found there.

Adventures in Masal: Hiking, Kayaking, and White Water Rafting

Adventures in Masal

The rivers in Masal, Gilan province, are only one example of the many rivers in Iran where you may go kayaking or rafting.
One of the tallest rock climbing walls is in Asbeh Riseh Mall, and it offers plenty of opportunities for experienced rock climbers as well as those who are just curious.
The greatest season for trekking in Masal Forest, according to mountain climbers and explorers, is from spring through summer.

Exploring the Caves of Masal: A Spectacle of Nature

Masal contains 17 caverns of various lengths. The most significant ones include caverns like Kalchal, Casali, the storied Khandile Posht cave, and, as we have already said, the Avishu cave. The biggest and most important of these is Avishu Cave. You should travel to Masal city, which is 50 kilometers northwest of Rasht, or in other words, 20 kilometers west of Fuman and Some Sera, and 40 kilometers southwest of Shanderman city, to visit the Avishu region.

The Famous Markets of Masal: A Journey into Local Life

The Famous Markets of Masal

Local marketplaces play an important role in the Gilani congregation’s culture. Many of them like going to these markets, and many people attend these marketplaces to acquire cheaper everyday essentials. In summary, these markets are updated to suit the tastes of the customers, and it’s noteworthy to note that women are the primary vendors in these neighborhood markets. Many of the vendors at this market are rural women who offer handicrafts, animal items, local eggs, fresh fish and vegetables, and agricultural goods. The “Shanderman Friday Market,” which is 50 miles from Rasht, is where you may find these goods at a decent price.

Best season to travel to Masal

Best season to travel to Masal

One of Gilan Iran’s finest places is Masal. Visit Masal, Iran during mid-spring and late summer for experiencing the greatest weather. The seasons of spring and summer provide nice and lovely weather. One of the nicest things you can do when visiting this city is to go to the summer districts of Masal.

It offers a beautiful ambiance to spend the summer or spring in the wooden cottages of this verdant, high location. You may also view an ocean of clouds and fog that surround you and transport you to an otherworldly land if you get up very early in the morning and peek out of the wooden cottages. There isn’t much to see for the remainder of the year because of the heavy quantity of fog.

Necessary Equipment to Travel to Masal

The majority of visitors spend the night in huts, but because Masal’s nights are chilly, it’s important to have a sleeping bag, travel blanket and warm clothing. Additionally, wear shoes that are appropriate for walking. You should purchase your necessities, such as bread and water, before traveling to the Masal Highlands.

The Souvenirs of Masal

The Souvenirs of Masal

Among the handicrafts of this city, we may list all varieties of shawls, night tents, mats, kilims, jajims, and all varieties of woodwork handicrafts. The Masal memorabilia are the most precious. Shalma village is the birthplace of the province’s wood industries, and the regional traditional dolls have also been registered on the national level. Foods like halvah and bread like golden bread are also among the keepsakes cooked and offered in the villages and summers of this city, in addition to a variety of agricultural and dairy goods.

Where to Eat in Masal?

In this city, you may sample a range of Gilani and northern cuisines. Anar Bij with pomegranate seeds, Torsho Tare with vegetables, Baghali Qatogh, Fesenjan Torsh, and outstanding kebabs with distinctive flavors are just a few. Additionally, the Gilan region’s specialty cuisines include Chouchaq and a variety of others.

When employed by Masal Eateries, they will all deliver an excellent job. According to visitors visiting Masal, the greatest restaurant in the area is the Khazar Restaurant of Masal on Enghelab Street. This restaurant’s Kababs and Kabab Torsh are among the best traditional Iranian foods in the neighborhood, and their pricing is reasonable. More than 170 different regional dishes are prepared in Gilan’s cities.

Where to Stay in Masal Village?

However, there are various accommodations available if you choose. Many visitors favour staying in Masal’s wooden cottages. Fardin Hotel in Masal is the most up-to-date hotel in the region when compared to other Iran hotels. You may stay in the Afra Hotel in Masal, which is the other hotel.

Another one of the city’s most renowned and up-to-date hotels is Masoumi Hotel. You should remain in its summers and Masal eco-lodges, nevertheless, to comprehend the area better and appreciate nature more. Masal, a popular tourist destination, also offers a number of fully equipped villas with views of the mountains and forest in a rural setting far from the city’s bustle. During the summer months, it is also fairly common to pitch tents and stay in wooden huts.

The Access Route to Masal

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