Language is one of the main means of communication. Iran is one of the Persian-speaking countries that provides a rich scientific and research opportunity to go Persian language academy and learn Farsi. Persian or Farsi literature is so rich in having great world-renowned scholars like Saadi, Hafez, and Ferdowsi. Their books can be found in most of the Iranians houses. These books are the expression of morals, art, justice, great culture, history, social life, norms, and beauties.

Many foreign students come to Iran to learn Farsi language. Some of the international students come to Iran to pursue different academic majors. Iran universities and educational institutions provide a scientific-educational and lively atmosphere for domestic and foreign learners. Information provided in this article has been gathered through an interview with Dr. Mujtaba Novroozi. He was the former deputy of Iran’s cultural house in Kabul. Currently, he is the deputy of cultural studies center, based in Tehran.

If you are interested in the Persian language, however, you can not come to Iran, we have prepared online Persian learning classes for you at a reasonable price.

Dr Novroozi - Deputy of Cultural Studies Center


The Reasons Some People learn Farsi Language

There are several reasons that people learn Farsi language. Firstly, there are people who are eager and interested to know about the Farsi language, literature, and Persian lifestyle. They want to learn this language according to their own personal choice.

Secondly, there are academic scholars and researchers who work in the area of Iran culture or Iran literature. Learning Farsi in Iran is helpful for such areas where the main sources of information are in the Farsi language. The number of scholars in this group is remarkable. It has a big impact on expanding Faris language to other nations around the world. Scholars who work in the field of  Muslim-Shia studies come in this group.

In the third category, there are people who learn Farsi language for job purposes. These people work in the Farsi spoken language countries, or in a Farsi spoken work environment. They need to learn Farsi in order to have better communication and performance in the workplace.

In the fourth category, there are students who want to pursue a particulate major in Iran universities. They have to pass the Farsi language courses in order to get ready to study the related major in the Farsi language.

Why Study Farsi In Iran – Not in Other Farsi Spoken Countries(Persian academy in Iran)!

Farsi language had a big geographical territory. At the present time, there are three countries where the Farsi language is spoken as the formal language. They include Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

Tajikistan was a part of the Soviet Union. This country got its independence in 1991 after the Soviet Union collapsed. There was a civil war going on after the independence from 1992 to 1997. According to this historical background of Tajikistan, there are newly founded academic institutions that work in the field of Farsi language. The Farsi language which is spoken in Tajikistan called “Farsi-e Tajiki”.

Afghanistan is another country that Farsi is its formal language. It is called “Farsi-e Dari” which refers to the old and fundamental version of the Farsi language. Afghanistan has been facing a war crisis and domestic challenges for about four decades. There are shortcoming and major challenges in the basic infrastructures.  The security concern is the main challenge that people inside the country have to deal with. It has a big negative impact on foreign visitors too.

Consequently, Iran is the best choice for learning Farsi. Iran provides academic and research opportunities in the field of this language. Universities are the main institutions to help people to learn Farsi professionally.

There are also other institutions devoted to the Farsi language. They include the Academy of Persian Language and Literature which is called “Farhangestan-e Zaban va Adab-e Farsi”, and “Saadi Foundation” which is called “Bonyad-e Saadi”. These institutions try to do best to expand and share the good experience in the field of Farsi literature. They provide learning opportunities to the domestic language-lovers and also to the international Farsi language lovers.

Another reason to study the Farsi language in Iran is related to the available educational sources. Getting familiar with the Iranian social life, culture, media, and social environment can only happen inside Iran. Learning the language in the main country provides a rich experience of various dimensions of social life. It makes learning the language much easier and more fun. Accessing to the historical and rich first-hand Farsi literature sources is only available inside the county Iran.

Iran on Map - Study Farsi in Iran

 The Most Valid and Prestigious Cater for Learning Farsi Language

There are various channels to learn the Farsi language. It can be by the online media, including the YouTube channels, telegram, Facebook. It can happen through a friend who know Farsi. There are also some active language courses available in some of the countries.

The first and most prominent center for learning Farsi for Non-Farsi speakers inside Iran is the “Saadi Foundation”. This foundation has various kinds of programs with different Farsi learning centers inside Iran and abroad too. Inside Iran, every university with a defined number of foreign students has a Farsi learning center. But there is a centralized Farsi learning center in “Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin”. Normally foreign students join a Farsi language learning course at this university.

Conditions for The Scholarship Opportunities to study in Iran

There are some kinds of general conditions for those who are interested to study in Iran & enjoy scholarship chances. In the first step, it relates to the previous university or the higher educational institute where a person has received his previous degree.

They should be valid and prestigious. Iran Ministry of Science Research and technology should approve the academic validity of the mentioned academic center. In the next step, students need to be competent and have good academic records.

There is age condition as well. For the bachelor’s degree, the maximum age limit is 20 years old. For the master study, the age limit is 25 years old. For the Ph.D. level, the age limit is 30 years old. People, who qualify these primary conditions, can be hopeful for the further process.

international students - to study in Iran


Iran Cultural Houses, the Most Valid Channel to Get Scholarship in Iran

Iran Cultural Houses are the most valid sources to learn about the scholarship chances out of Iran. First, one needs to check whether this center is active in the host country or not. Then one needs to ask for the scholarship chances.

Meeting the primary requirement are necessary as mentioned in the above paragraphs. After the first assessment, their request will be sent to the Ministry of Science in Iran. Then it will be checked by the scholarship council.

And after the final acceptance student can come to Iran with the student Visa and follow up the rest of the process. At the same time, scholarship programs are offered directly by some of the Iranian universities inside Iran. One can check the university website and learn about the requirements.

Iran cultural House - in China

Iran Cultural House in Different Countries

The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization” inside Iran is the founder of Iran’s cultural house abroad. These centers are active in 65 countries around the world. In most of these countries, the Farsi learning center is active. Farsi learning centers are led and supervised by the “Saadi Foundation”. In some of the countries, such centers conduct a broader scope in the form of a school. And in some of the countries, there are Farsi learning courses inside the Iran cultural house.

There is also an agreement between the Iran cultural houses with some of the schools and universities in the host countries.

They work together for Farsi teaching purposes. Some of the students learn Farsi as the second language or in some cases as the third language.

Iran’s cultural houses are a valid source to learn Farsi language at the same time it is a good channel to learn about scholarship opportunities.

Education Fees for The Non- Scholarship Students

The educational fee in Iran is cheaper compared to many other countries. There are high qualities of the educational and cultural opportunities offered to foreign students.

The costs vary in different universities. Some of the universities ask the costs in dollars or Euro and some other ask in Riyal.

It can be different in different universities. There is not one single answer to this question. Universities that accept international students have an online website that one can get the needed information.

Can Student Work While Staying in Iran?

According to the legal and academic considerations, a student is not permitted to work while studying in Iran.

There will be residential and academic challenges if a student tends to do a full-time job. But there are some kinds of part-time academic and research activities that students can perform to support their expenses.

A Short Interview with One of the Farsi Learners out of Iran

Why did you learn Farsi? My name is Syed Latif and I live in Sweden. Originally, I am from Bangladesh. I have been working in Sweden in a helping organization.

My job is to help refugees from different countries, how they can integrate into their new countries (Sweden). I help them to learn the Swedish language, how to find a job or how they can start a company.

Syed Latif - to learn Farsi language

Where did you learn Farsi language?

I am taking a distance Farsi course (online) with Al Zahra University in Iran. I have to go a long way. My Farsi learning is not finished yet. I am in the elementary or beginners’ level. This university gives me lessons. Two days in a week and a total of 3 hours a week.

How can you use it in your daily life?

I know very little Farsi now when I learn more I will speak Farsi and take Swedish class at my job. I like Iranian culture; I watch Farsi movies even I do not understand them. This is how I am becoming more familiar with Iranian culture.

I am also interested in Iranian culture, tradition, people, and food. Some Western countries have a negative view of Iran. It’s because of western media.

One day I want to show them how kind and nice people Iranians are. My message will stop lying about Iran. Loving people is the most important. As Saadi said:

“بنی آدم اعضای یکدیگرند

که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند

چو عضوی به در آورد روزگار

دگر عضو ها را نماند قرار

تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی

نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی”

What’s your suggestion for those who want to learn Farsi?

  1. Work hard and do not give up. به راحتی نرسید آنکه زحمتی نکشید.
  2. Find a Persian native friend and practice with them.
  3. Learning a new language is not only doing homework and attend the class. Try to watch movies, listen to the radio. It does not matter even you do not understand. You will learn one day. نابرده رنج، گنج میسر نمی شود”
  4. Try to write every day to ask friends to correct it.
  5. Do not be shy of talking even it is wrong. Do not worry if people laugh at you.
  6. Many students think it is a teachers’ job is to teach language. It’s wrong. It’s your job, Teacher can only guide you. It is you as a student who should work hard. Remember in a classroom there can be 40 students and one teacher. One student gets a high score and other fails, why? All have the same teacher! They fail because they haven’t worked hard.
  7. Never give up and stop learning. It may take time. Remember it’s never late.

Iranian Universities with Farsi Learning Courses

All the universities which have international cooperation center, are open to accepting international students. In most of the cases, the below-mentioned universities have the Farsi learning center active in the university.

In case there is no such center, foreign students mostly pass a language learning course in “ Imam Khomeini International University” based in Qazvin city in order to get ready for the future major. This university has a centralized Farsi language center in which students are distributed to some other universities in the whole country after passing the courses.

Here is a list of some of the universities that provide Farsi Learning Courses, or study opportunities. There is good information available on the mentioned websites. One needs to take a good tour over the website and collect needed information.

International University of Imam Khomeini - to learn Farsi in Iran

The University of Tehran

Shahid Beheshti University, based in Tehran city

Allameh Tabatabaei University based in Tehran

The University of Amir Kabir, based in Tehran

The Sharif University of Technology based in Tehran

Imam Khomeini International University Based in Qazvin

The University of AL- Zahra

The University of Guilan

The University of Esfahan

The University of Kharazmi, based in Tehran

The University of Mazandaran

The University of Kurdistan

Bu- Ali Sina University based in Hamedan City

Here is an attached pdf file that tells about the introduction of Farsi learning courses at ” Saadi Foundation”. please check the file and find your answers.



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