Laboo- Purple Delight Street food

Street food is a huge part of Persian culture and Laboo (la-boo) is king in the streets of Tehran.

One of the best local foods around, It has an exceptional color, something between purple and red, and a sweet-scented aroma. It’s quite popular all year round, specially during the cold winter nights of Tehran. That’s why being called the king is well deserved.

It is cooked in boiling water and should be served very hot. Iranians traditionally challenge each other on Laboo eating contests. Whoever eats the most hot Laboo and in shortest time will be declared the winner.

It is a wholesome snack, containing lots of vitamins, iron, potassium and copper. Adding chopped pieces of Laboo to some yogurt will flavor the yogurt and give a lovely pink shade, making a stunning dish.

Laboo - Purple Deligh - TAP Persia


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