Kashke Bademjan or Persian Eggplant Dip is among popular Iranian vegetarian food that is served as a side dish on different occasions. Bademjan, eggplant, is the main ingredient besides 

Kashk which is derived from yogurt. You can find Kashk in all Persian shops, but in case you could not find a Persian grocery store nearby, vegan Greek yogurt or sour cream can easily be substituted with kashk.


Needed ingredients to cook Kashke Bademjan (for 3 people)


3 peeled eggplants

4 tablespoons Kashk, or (vegan) Greek yogurt

2 large onions (peeled and diced in medium size)

3 minced cloves of garlic

1/3 cup chopped walnuts 

2 tablespoon dried mint leaves

½ cup olive or  cooking oil 

Salt, pepper, and turmeric

Fresh mint leaves (optional) 

Kashke Bademjan Recipe

Bademjan1- Peel off the eggplants and cut them in half or quarters lengthwise. Our suggestion is to Cut the eggplants into thick slices of five to seven centimeters.


2- Fry the peeled eggplants on both sides in vegetable cooking oil over a medium high heat until their color turns to golden brown. Adding a sprinkle of salt to eggplants before frying them can reduce the oil they usually absorb while frying.


Bademjan 2


3- Mash the eggplants using a potato masher to small pieces in a different  dish. 


4- Process the walnuts to a very fine level but not into a paste.

5- Cut the garlic into very small dice or instead mince it using a food processor into a paste.



Kashke Bademjan6- Add minced garlic, water, kosher salt, cayenne pepper powder and freshly cracked black pepper to the skilled with fried eggplants, cover the top and slow cook it using low heat for about 15 minutes until the eggplants are very tender and the water is cooked off. Then turn off the heat.



7- Fry the diced onions to a golden-brown color in a different skillet with 3 stable spoons of cooking oil, and then remove the heat. 

8- When the fried onions are golden brown remove the heat and add the crushed dried mint leaves, (beware that fresh mint leaves do not make a great substitute in this recipe) and Stir them well using a spoon and completely combine them. 

Kashke Bademjan


9- For the next step combine it with ground walnut and kashk or yogurt along with the rest of the onion mixture.

Kashke Bademjan

10- combine the whole ingredients very well and then transfer them to the serving bowl. 


Kashke Bademjoon

11- You can sprinkle the top with the rest of fried onion and mint mixture and use some fresh mint left to garnish your dish.


Kashke Bademjan

Fresh mint leaves, fried diced onions and Kashk and walnuts are the best to design your Kashke Bademjan dish in geometric patterns:


Or kashk-e Bademjan Cake design


Or any creative form that you love to surprise your family and friends on the dinner table with your first Persian home made food!

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