Where is Kang village?

1800 meters above the sea level, the bright lights make a fantastic city of Mashhad to visit, but a small lesser-known village appears. Nestled between Torghabeh district and Kang village Mashhad, one of the tourist attractions in Mashhad and perhaps most photographed stepped village beyond Mashhad attractions. This stunning village featured beautiful cherry trees, pointy rocky mountains, and a cloudless blue sky set against the breathtaking backdrop of soaring mountains.

kang village - Mashhad top attraction

What to do in Kang village?

Explore the charming village, pass along the narrow twisted allies. Admire the centuries-old architecture, attend talks with warm-hearted locals, tour the great cemetery, and enjoy the scent and colors from the numerous flowers in the nearby lands.

Despite its interesting architecture design has attracted the tourist interests to the area, the area is less about the climbing news than it is about the lifestyle of the sport. There is a place near the village, the road is not asphalted and away from the smell that assaults your nostrils.even the most delicate noses will love the smell, a smell that long lingers even after you’ve left.

kang village - Mashhad top attraction

The beautiful stepped village is a budding photographer’s delight. The sun gets there first thing in the morning, the gentle breezes in the woods and the chirps makes your day. The great elevation and also the location creates a spectacular view for those who want to enjoy some time in jungles.

But the sole purpose of the sole purpose of visiting can be the mysterious cemetery which has been hand carved. They date back to centuries ago and each treasure a tale about the deceased.


kang village - Mashhad top attraction

How to get to Kang village?

When it’s time to escape the hustle, pick up a sandwich with a dollop of mustard and head over to the Kang village (Mashhad). 29 km away from Mashhad and 19 km to Torghabeh village, the beauty of the Kang village is a mix of historical charm and taste of high life.






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