Jolfa Neighborhood

A small town in the south of the historic city of Isfahan, cobbled backstreets and lanes, old houses and the sound of church bells create a sense of nostalgia for the visitors.

The construction of this Armenian-populated neighborhood started in Shah Abbas I period and during the reign of Shah Abbas II, the area was expanded. Armenian immigrants established and named after the older city of Jolfa.

Jolfa district of Isfahan composes of five major streets, a few bath houses (Hammam), two carvanserais, a square and 11 churches. Among several neighborhoods in the city, Iravanian and Tabrizi districts are the only ones which are still Armenian quarters the rest have become Muslim populated areas, passing the time.

this district of Isfahan in Iran is one of the most famous and most beautiful urban neighborhood located on Hakim Nezami Street & a place where young people hang out at night with lots of cafes & restaurants.


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