Iran Carpet Museum stylish and impressive architecture looks like a carpet scaffold at the exterior view of the building. The display area is about 3400 square meters, which includes two halls to display a variety of hand-woven carpets and rugs. Hall ground floor is dedicated to the permanent exhibition and the upper floor has been designed for temporary exhibitions.

This museum contains the most valuable collection of carpet samples from the ninth century to the contemporary period and is a rich source of research for scholars and art lovers. Usually about 135 carpets that are masterpieces from different carpet weaving cities like Kashan, Kerman, Isfahan, Tabriz, Khorasan, Kordestan, etc. are being displayed in the ground hall. About 3500 books in Farsi, Arabic, French, English and German are available for art lovers and researchers. The best books, publications, and researches of Iranian carpets and rugs from the East, and books on religion, art and literature of Iran exist in the library of the museum. The museum bookstore is next to the library.


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