The University of Isfahan is one of the best academic choices among other universities inside Iran. One of the objectives, of the University of Isfahan, is to attract foreign students to expand the Farsi language among other nations around the world. The second objective is to enhance the cultural & academic ties and to introduce the University of Isfahan as one of the higher education institutes in the world scope. The University of Isfahan supports young & competent students around the world and welcomes them. Information provided in this article is collected through an interview with Mr. Reza Derakhshan. He is in charge of international students’ admission. Apply for an admission to study at Isfahan University and experience different academic life.

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Foreign Students at The University of Isfahan

There are about 400 foreign students from different countries in this university. This number includes Farsi Language learners and those who come to study different majors.

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Countries Cover the Most Foreign Students at the University of Isfahan

Currently, Most of the international students are from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. But generally speaking, there are also students from many other countries. They include Pakistan, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, South Korea, Germany, England, Turkey, India, Nigeria, Burundi, and Niger. These students study Farsi language at the University of Isfahan and pursue different majors as well.

Different Kinds of  Scholarship Programs

Some of the students are introduced to the University of Isfahan through scholarship programs. These programs are offered by the ministry of science. There are two categories in this list. The first one is Scholarship A, and the second one is Scholarship B.

In both of the scholarship programs, the education costs and hostel fees are paid by the ministry of science to the University of Isfahan. The only difference is that in Scholarship A, the student receives some amount of money as a stipend, whereas in Scholarship B, the student does not receive this stipend.

There is also another kind of scholarship program which is related to the University of Isfahan. There are again two categories in this list as well.  They are called as the 3rd and 4th type. In the 3rd category, students do not pay the college fees. They pay only hostel and food costs. In the 4th category, students are supposed to pay some amount of college fees too. It can vary from 50% to 80% of the total costs.


Conditions for Scholarship Program at the University of Isfahan

Students can submit their requests to the international students’ admission office. This request will be discussed in the educational council. The request needs to pass some administrative steps to get approval. Some of the managers take decisions about the request. Consequently, when the request is accepted, students can enjoy using the scholarship offers.

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Admission Process for Scholarship and Non-Scholarship Students

The admission process can vary for the scholarship and for the non-scholarship students.

  • For the students who are non-scholarship, there is a need for online registration on the Sajjad website online. After completing the registration process, students receive a code number. There is a need for uploading the required documents as well.
  • Students need to announce the code number to the international students’ admission office. This is a kind of admission request forms the student’s side.
  • International students’ admission in charge will send this request, with the attached document, to the related educational groups in each faculty. According to the student’s major, faculties may differ. There is a meeting on the request with the faculty. If they accept the request and the response is positive, the first step is done. This means that educational approval is done. This process can take about one or two weeks.
  • In the second step, there is a need for general approval from the Tehran administration. It takes about 10 days to 2 weeks, to get this approval. After finishing this step, the student can start the official requirements needed for attending the regular classes in the college.

Students who are privileged by the scholarship opportunities have a different path of admission. They are introduced to the University of Isfahan by a formal letter from the Ministry of Science.

  • When a student has come to Iran, the first step is to show up to the university and ask for the follow up of the formal letter. International students’ admission in-charge will directly send this letter to the mentioned educational groups in each faculty. If there is a positive response, the student can start the rest of the formal requirements. There is a kind of short interview for foreign students as well. The questions in the interview session cover the previous college major and some questions related to the student’s objectives of studying the future major. One should keep it in mind that the most part of the admission process for a scholarship student has been done before entering Iran. It means that the total communication and formal process is done between the student and the related scholarship channel out of Iran. When a student is in Iran and announces his request to the university, it is the step when everything is totally done. Although there are some official difficulties for the students who want to change the major or the universities which they are introduced to.
  • Applying for the scholarship opportunities, when one is out of Iran, has its own steps, which needs a separate article. One of the main channels to learn about this chance is the Iran embassies and Iran cultural houses abroad. One can check that section.

Different Study Levels at the University of Isfahan

Students are studying at different levels of Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and also the Ph.D. level at the University of Isfahan.


Majors that Foreign Students Can Join

The University of Isfahan provides majors in art, humanities, sciences, and engineering disciplines. Students can study in the entire majors except the nuclear sciences at all of the universities in Iran.

This article does not talk about Medical majors.

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The Persian Language Center at the University of Isfahan

Persian Learning language Center of the University of Isfahan has the experience of three decades. This center, in affiliation with the office of scientific and international cooperation, had ties with different academic centers & universities around the world. There were Farsi language students from different countries including, France, Germany, Swiss, Netherland, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Sudan, and Senegal. Language learning classes are conducted according to the needs of the students. The number of students can vary from 5 to 15 students in one class. According to the language level of the students, there are Iranian movies display, newspaper reading, News, and Music.

Farsi learning center - University of Isfahan

People who come to the Farsi language center divided into two categories. In the first category, some of the students learn only Farsi language and some learn it, in order to get ready for other different majors. They are introduced to the university through the Ministry of Sciences. So, in the first step, they have to pass the Farsi learning courses. Then they can join their favorite majors. The minimum amount for this course is six months.

In the second category, there are students who are not scholarship ones. They will get the primary admission. As they do not know the Farsi language, so these courses are suggested to the students.  After finishing the six-month course, one can purse the favorite major. These students are supposed to pay for all the needed fees. University does not cover any expenses.

Needed Documents for Admission at the University of Isfahan

There is a need for personal photos, passport photos, and the last educational degree. It can be a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree plus transcripts. These documents need to be uploaded in the online registration. Some other documents might be needed for further official purposes.

The Contact Address of Admission Office

Here are the ways to contact the international students’ admission office:

Email address: [email protected]


Telephone number: 0098- 3137932297

Admission office person in charge: Mr. Reza Derakhshan.


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