Accessing blocked websites can be one of the major problems in Iran, specially for young tech-savvy people. But there are always ways around this problem and one of the most common ones is Virtual Private Network or VPN. Since a number of social media and websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are blocked, you will need to use VPN to access them. However, some other popular services like Instagram and WhatsApp are accessible .To put it simple, VPNs are easily accessible via numerous apps available for mobile and computer devices.

To benefit from the open internet on your mobile, you simply need to download an app from your device’s app store by searching the word “VPN”. That is, Google Play on Android devices and App Store and iOS devices. You will find a wide range of options, we suggest downloading the ones with better reviews. Please take note that accessing these stores in Iran are sometimes not easily possible, so it’s always better to download them prior to your trip.

It should be pretty simple to use most VPN apps. In most cases, you will only need to tap a “connect” button and wait for a couple of seconds to get connected to the free web. Another thing worth mentioning is that network coverage is considered good in most parts of the country. All small cities and even many villages offer a reliable mobile data connection for local SIM card holders.


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