Whether on a holiday having some tranquil time with family or the mission expenses you can pamper yourself by staying in Isfahan Luxury Hotels. Like most of the cities in Iran, the price and quality of the hotel are two positive roles in decision making. These 5-star hotels will make the highlight of your lifetime. They just do not offer the usual equipment such as spa treatment, complimentary yoga class, or exclusive handicraft shops to make them extraordinary. There’s a lot more to experience in these amazing hotels. So whether traveling for a honeymoon, special family gathering, or a treat for your soul, look no further than these best hotels in Isfahan as the best fit for your stay.

Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan There are luxury hotels, then there is the Abbasi Hotel. The Hotel has been a popular resort for centuries. Abbasi Hotel is a 16th century Safavid style caravansarai elegantly converted to a hotel over 60 years ago. This Luxury hotel was built during the Safavid dynasty as a caravansarai with 224 rooms, suites, and apartments. Also, it has been a caravansarai to provide lodging for travelers. Abbasi Hotel has been a favorite with many travelers. A luxurious destination! It offers a splendid view of the garden and the canal passing through it.

Abbasi Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan

Whether traveling for leisure or business, the hotel rooms offer excellent beds, clean and relatively new sheets, which you can sleep on and avoid the grumpy attitude during the trip. A normal room or a luxurious suite, you will benefit from the same room services. In addition to the unlimited access to the beautiful garden. More than that, the hotel is not cheap but they are able to offer everything you need, including transfer, a good meal, and 24/7 coffee services.

Luxurious Services in a Luxurious Hotel

Abbasi Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan A room with splendor plaster jobs, mixed with crystal in little pieces all over the suites which are named after the Qajar dynasty. The room is in 2 duplex room for those want cool, quirky, pure relaxation and an unforgettable experience with impeccable services. Where travelers are able to enter the realm of fairy-tales and be introduced to a land full of mythos land.

Abbasi Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan Furthermore, The Safavid suite. The most majestic room in the luxurious hotel of Abbasi. Just take a look at the fabulous plasterwork and miniature paintings in the room. Admiring the design is simple – just lie back and watch the ceiling from your bed.

For dining, restaurants in the garden and inside, serve and enticing selection of unique recipes that are a blend of creativity and traditional Iranian dishes, prepared by the expert hand of talented chefs. At the Abbasi Hotel, you’ll experience an incomparable time of fine dining by lights all over the hotel in one of the best hotels on Isfahan, professional service, ample service, and consistent design.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel

Kowsar Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan

The hotel is located close to one of the historical bridges of Isfahan, Si-o-Se-pol bridge. The city is home to almost 1milion people who love to spend the late afternoon walking by the bridge. The heart of the city is a few minutes away from the hotel and easily accessible. Take a taxi or walk and get to the beautiful Naqshe-Jahan Square. Watch the sunset over your suite window, with Persian tea in your hand, Chicken kabob in the belly, Si-o-Se pol bridge in front of you and blossoms floating in the air, sounds like heaven?

Kowsar Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan

Kowsar Hotel is one of Isfahan luxury hotels and also the best sort of old fashioned “Irani style”. Modern and traditional meals are served daily in the glorious cafe and restaurants outdoors and indoors overlooking the beautiful garden. Whether you ask for a hot drink or a mild-sweet syrup mixed with mint in the summer shades, courteous and efficient staff will bring you in a jiffy. The coffees are made by passionate baristas, the quality is good, and the feeling is like being over the moon.

The hip, trendy design gives you the impression of being inside a greenhouse with a touch of Persian architecture. The interior design is huge, luxurious, yet cozy, and the staff is welcoming with good knowledge of English. You would say OMG if we tell you the omelet choices are infinite. Just ask the chef to make the omelet with local and organic ingredients to serve up an award-winning breakfast.

The hotel is at the ideal location for the finest shopping that Isfahan has to offer, and has some of the most magnificent views of historic bridges. 7 floors with 225 rooms are synonymous with Persian glamour, exquisite, inspired decoration. Moreover, The rooms vary from luxurious doup lex suites in the modern building to normal rooms in the old ones which rates vary accordingly so it’s not as exclusive as other hotels of the same standard. Gorgeous grounds and a first-class restaurant make this an extra option. Promise you if they drop you in the pool every day, you won’t be complaining!

You can’t go wrong with booking the hotel with Tappersia. Because staying at the Kowsar Hotel is not an experience you’ll forget in a hurry(Isfahan Hotel).

Attar Hotel 

Right from the moment that you go through the wooden gate of Attar hotel, you will start to feel transferring to another world, but a luxurious one! In this elegant traditional Iranian-style resort, guests experience the best VIP treatment that anyone could ever receive.

Attar Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan

First and foremost, the Attar hotel has its own spectacular personality, and no matter the location you can easily get to the city center or the best historical attractions of the city. Once inside you will be impressed and pleased with the atmosphere and feel the vibe. The ambiance, as a first, is dazzling. The whole resort makes you feel like home thereby giving you the special feeling of exclusivity. The doom ceiling covers in golden plaster is marvelous.

Attar Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan once a favored retreat of royals, the resort offers a couple of rooms, Persian Gym, pool and spa, cardio and resistant

training gym, conference hall, and convenient access to the many wonders of the region. Apart from that, plaster designing, food, and drinks are the classic baths providing a luxurious, and comfortable setting for the guests. While Hammams are exclusively offered in Turkey. If you are looking to spoil yourself at the end try the Classic bath at the hotel. The bath is never mixed, but in the private sector for women and men. The place is clean and the staff is professional, which makes the massage part such a delight.

Attar Hotel - 5 star hotels of Isfahan

A sumptuous Traditional lunch in the restaurant, several cool drink choices, and an increasing number of local dishes combined with a Do-Not-Disturb sign so you could allow the suite to pamper you.

Many hotels offer luxurious rooms, outstanding dining, beautiful decor, and standard-setting excellence equipment, but what makes the Attar Hotel different from others is their ability to anticipate your needs and the inexorable commitment of the staff and management to deliver exceptional services every time.

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