How is Iran working  opportunities?

A workaway(Working in Iran) is a type of volunteering and work opportunity that promotes fair exchange, between budget travelers, language learners or culture seekers who can stay with families, individuals or organizations that are looking for help with a range of varied and interesting activities in exchange for food and accommodation. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the local lifestyle and community. Immerse yourself completely in a foreign language and the best way to get to know the real side of the country you are visiting. Like many other countries, Iran also has lots of workaway opportunities. You will be surprised about how many offers you will get if you mention anybody that you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Iran. On one of my first days in Iran, I got offered three different opportunities, not including the one I had originally applied for!

Workaway in Iran - Travelers Experience - TAP PersiaWhat You Normally Get in Exchange for Your Time and Help:

  • Free Accommodation: either in an apartment, a single room or shared room in a hostel/ hotel.
  • Free Food: 2 to 3 meals a day are normally included in the workaway. Either your hosts will cook for you or they’ll give you pocket money. You have to buy and cook the food yourself.
  • Discounts or free tour if you work for travel and tour companies or hostels.
  • Learn new skills: whether is a new language, helping with cooking, cleaning, gardening or a completely new job. You will surely learn lots of new skills during your workaway experience.

Working in Iran Opportunities You Can Find in here:

Help in Hostels

The backpacking scene in Iran is something still quite new but is growing fast. Many new hostels and budget places are opening. Those who have just started their business are the one in need of more help, especially from foreigners.
Just have a chat with the people at the reception of your chosen places about any volunteer positions they might have if they haven’t one they will probably be happy to ask some of their friends (they all seem to know each other in the travel industry in Iran)

Start-Up and NGO’s

NGOs and small Startups always need help with translation, marketing promotion, content creation, writing articles, fundraising, social media, and web design, especially from foreigners that can bring new ideas and an outsider view to their projects.

Teach a Foreign Language

Many young people in Iran are very committed to learning a foreign language. Although they have excellent classes most of them lack in the speaking part. Soon you will find lots of people willing to host you for some time in exchange for speaking classes.

TAP Persia:

A great job opportunity to explore Iran like  a native with one of the most significant and innovative travel startups in this country, ،TAP Persia, where you can click on Iran workaway for more information.


Where to Find jobs in Iran for foreigners:

Workaway websites

Facebook pages such as: See you in Iran, Work Opportunities for Nomads,

On the website of companies, start-up, NGOs

Talk to people!

Workaway in Iran - Travelers Experience - TAP PersiaWhy You Should Do It?

Because you will have the incredible opportunity to live like a local, learn a new language, make lots of good friends and see how Iranians really live. You will understand the culture, the society, and the people more and you will be able to stay longer in the country even if you are on a tight budget. As well as saving some money you will also improve your skills and add working experiences to your CV.
A workaway experience enables people traveling on a limited budget to fully appreciate living and working in a foreign environment. It also promotes the exchange between people from different nationalities. It gives a chance for volunteers to contribute to a cause. On the other side, it gives the opportunity for your host to promote their projects around the world, receive support from skilled volunteers and have a real and immediate impact on their projects.



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