Qeshm City Center Complex is the most modern shopping center in the Qeshm Island. It is located in Vali Asr Boulevard, exactly in the heart of the town. This complex is made of two buildings known as City Center One and Two which are connected by a bridge. City Center One was built in 2011 and City Center Two, a couple of years after that.

This complex is made of three floors. First and second floors, contain a wide variety of luxurious shops. Also a large food court and a game center are located on the third floor.There are more than 700 shops in this mall, including clothing, haunting accessories and jewelry. You can find most of the famous western and Iranian brands here. In comparison to other shopping centers in Qeshm, City Center has higher prices. You can also find shops that offer souvenirs such as handicrafts made with pearls and shellfish.

After a whole day of shopping, you can get to the 3rd floor, choose a restaurant or cafe and enjoy a hot meal. You can find foods to satisfy every kind of craving. Having an indoor amusement park as well as a game center has made this mall a great place for the kids and families to have a wonderful time. Walk, shop, play and have a great meal.


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