After Niavaran Square, on Pourebtehaj Street there is this Niavaran palace complex, which is one of the most important palaces in Tehran. A very large palace with beautiful surroundings that could be attractive to any viewer.
The quadrilateral design of the palace and its interior archeological designing has been inspired by Iranian architecture utilizing modern technology. Its decoration is the art of both pre-Islamic and post-Islamic periods. The building floor has been made of black granite and the ceiling has been made of aluminum that opens in the middle. A French group has designed the house interior decoration and furniture.
A very magnificent museum has been established inside this palace. There are other amazing places in the garden, too, such as Saheb Qaranie House, Private Niavaran Palace, Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, Jahan-Nama Museum, Museum of the Royal Library, Garden Museum of epigraph and Museum of proprietary automobiles of the Palace.


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