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Juice Bars in Iran

Juice Shops - Travel to Iran - TAP Persia

Juice Bars in Iran

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For thousands of years, Iranians have been famous for being huge tea drinkers, but there is more the country has to offer in term of beverages. Fruit juices and several other refreshing beverages are a crucial part of Iranians diet and culture. Some people believe that consuming them would bring health and happiness. Perhaps because alcohol is forbidden in Iran, juice bars are the most popular places for refreshing drinks among locals. Walking through any city in Iran, you can see a huge number of stalls selling freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Iranians love their fruit juices and due to their low cost and health benefits, most people drink them every day. The busiest time of the day for juice bars is between 17:00 and 24:00, when temperatures drop and people fill up the streets to go for their evening strolls and picnics.

Popular Juices

Juice Shops - Travel to Iran - TAP Persia

Carrot and pomegranate are the more popular ones but it’s also worth to try orange, melon, watermelon, and apple juice. Another must-try drink is “ab havij bastani” a traditional Iranian drink prepared from fresh carrot juice and saffron ice cream, it’s extremely delicious and refreshing. All these drinks are freshly squeezed at the moment and they are usually served in big plastic glasses. As an alternative, you can also purchase a liter and bring your own bottle, which is it much cheaper.

It’s So Cheap

The cost depends on the type of fruits you choose. Most of the fruits and vegetables are seasonal and they have grown in the country making fresh juices extremely cheap to purchase (less than half a € per glass).


Juice Shops - Travel to Iran - TAP Persia

Fresh juices are extremely healthy and a better alternative to soft drinks. As they only contain natural sugars they have some many benefits: they are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, they contain lots of vitamin C and are really good for digestion.


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