Iranian Toilets:

Say YES to Squat Toilets

First world travellers, embrace the squat toilets in Iran! It may feel strange and uncomfortable at first, but just quit whining – the natural squatting position is good for your bowel movements. Be sure that there are no urinals anywhere. (You can do an extensive search: at the airport, swanky hotels, the university, and the fanciest coffee shops.)

Here is Ed Momeni recommendation for using Iranian Toilets:

“TOILET facilities in Iran, specially on the roads, bus terminals, even airports don’t have your standard toilet seats and one must squat and do it in a ground unit…. although it is more natural to do your bowl movement in that position but since we’re not used to it that could create a problem for many people…..Fortunately Western toilet seats are available in all hotels and fine restaurants….. I advise western travelers to relieve themselves whenever and wherever they find western toilet seats and specially before getting on a bus or train and avoid drinking too much liquids if you think you’ll be needing bathrooms afterwards……Oh, no toilet papers in most of the squat versions, they have a water hose or a water can which you can use to wash yourself……. Just a friendly advice  ”

And interesting experience of Stanislav Stänn Kocúr about his trip:
“Guys seriously since I was in Iran I stopped using toilet paper and I wash myself with water instead. ? I am gonna install an shower to my toilet. With just bottle it sucks.”


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