If you are interested in the best Iranian old movies before the revolution, you have come to the right place! The best comedy films before the revolution have also been introduced to comedy lovers.
The pre-revolutionary cinema has many good and well-made works, most of which are produced in the 40s and 50s, and most of the great directors of Iranian cinema also started their careers in these years. There are brilliant films in the list of Persian old movies before the revolution, and we have reviewed some of the best ones.

1.The Carriage Driver (1971)

In the movie The Carriage Driver, or “Doroshkechi” in Persian, we follow the story of a family with their prejudices, beliefs and superstitions, which provides a perfect and real example of the common people of the society. Superstitions and beliefs, and at the same time, patriarchy prevent the marriage of two young people. The structure of the film and the way the characters and dialogues are treated is in a way that completely distinguishes it from most of the Persian old movies of its time.

2.Wood Pigeon (1970)

Wood Pigeon (1970)

Toughi, or Wood Pigeon, is one of the best old Iranian movies. The story of this Persian old movie beautifully combines tradition with superstition and begins with the traditional marriage of Seyed Mustafa; While his niece has recently taken a collared Wood Pigeon, which is ominous and bad luck in Bibi’s opinion. From here on in the story, nothing is in its place. Seyed Morteza, who went to Shiraz to bring his uncle’s bride, falls in love with her and they get married. While his uncle, who is waiting for his bride, is unaware of the situation, and because of betrayal, he intends to kill his niece and the story continues(Iranian culture).

3.King of the Hearts (1968)

King of the Hearts (1968)

One of the top romantic old Persian movies before the Islamic revolution is “King of the Hearts.” It is a 1347 Iranian motion picture that Mohammad Ali Fardin directed. Fardin wrote the script for this work. Aref is also the singer in this movie. One of the most well-known Persian old movies is definitely this one.

During an incident, a young couple lives apart for years, each thinking that his wife is dead. The woman is blinded by an accident, and the man goes on to become a well-known singer. Years later, the man meets a girl by chance. Unaware of the nature of the girl’s relationship with him, he treats the girl’s mother and his wife unfairly. The King of Hearts is one of the best old Iranian films before the revolution.

4.Croesus’ Treasure (1965)

Croesus' Treasure (1965)

Croesus’ Treasure, or Ganj-e Qarun in Persian, is a classic Persian old movie that has a great story and brilliant cast. Ganj-e Qarun is an Iranian film that was made in 1344. This movie is made by Siamak Yaasami and Mohammad Ali Fardin, Forouzan and Taghi Zohouri are the main actors in this movie. The story of this movie is about a rich person named Qaroon, played by Arman, who has fallen into despair due to his past mistakes.
He attempts suicide in Isfahan but is stopped by Taghi Zahoori’s Hassan and Fardin’s Ali, and ever since, his perspective on the world has changed. This film was the first in Iranian cinema to earn millions of dollars (one million Tomans). One of the best love stories before the revolution is in the film Ganj-e Qarun. One of the best pre-revolutionary Iranian movies is Ganj-e Qarun.

5.Sooteh Delan (1978)

Sooteh Delan (1978)

The film Sooteh Delan, which is one of the best Persian old movies before the revolution, narrates the love life of three brothers in a poetic tone. Majid, the younger brother, is mentally disabled and falls in love with a prostitute named Aqdas, who is hired by his older brother, Habib, to entertain him. Majid does not know the truth about Aqdas’ profession.

6.The Cow (1969)

The Cow (1969)

Mash Hassan owns the only cow in a remote and deserted village. He loves the cow as if it were his own child. When he is not at ten, the cow dies. Knowing the relationship between Mash Hassan and the cow, the villagers hurriedly destroy the cow’s body. When Mash Hasan returns, he is told that the cow has run away. Hassan who experiences a psychological breakdown, spends all his time in the barn, eating hay and slowly believing that he is a cow.
The movie Cow, which is based on a novel by the Iranian writer Gholamhossein Saaedi, is one of the best old Iranian movies before the revolution.

7.The Chess of the Wind (1976)

The Chess of the Wind (1976)

The film begins with the death of the eldest lady of an aristocratic family. After her death, her heir is a young and paralyzed woman, and this causes tension between other family members as well as house servants. This incident leads to a fight and even murder, and even the police get involved, and the police investigation also causes behind-the-scene collusions to be revealed. This movie is one of the best Persian old movies before the Islamic revolution.

8.The House Is Black (1962)

One of the greatest female poets of the 20th century is Forough Farrokhzad. By the time producer and director Ebrahim Golestan offered her the chance to helm a documentary short, she had already released three volumes. Northwestern Iran’s leper colony served as the subject. She refined her lyrical taste for words (through narration) and mastery of rhythm to create a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking (in the editing of the images she captured).
This documentary film, which is one of the best old Iranian films before the revolution, was produced following Forough Farrokhzad’s visit to the leper asylum in the Baba Baghi area of Tabriz. This film is a documentary and a sad story about the life of lepers in this region. This documentary reached 19th place among the top 50 documentaries of history on the Sound & Sight website.

9.Still Life (1974)

Still Life (1974)

In this film, which is one of the best Persian old movies, we see that for more than three decades, Mohammad Sardaari, who is now elderly, worked as a crossing guard in an abandoned train station. Over the years, Muhammad hasn’t done much to alleviate the loneliness and boredom inherent in his work. Meanwhile, in his private life, life continues in the same way without any incident. Muhammad’s wife also spends her days and nights sewing, especially since their son left them to join the army. As time passes, Muhammad continues to perform his duties mechanically.

10.The Cycle (1975)

The Cycle, otherwise known as Mina’s Circle (Dayere-ye Mina in Persian), is another great classic. Dariush Mehrjoui’s adaptation of the story “Ashghaldooni” written by Gholamhossein Saaedi became one of his most popular Persian old movies. “Daireh Mina” with the topic of buying and selling blood caused reactions from the medical system from the very beginning, and after Kelly, Emma, and If, the script was approved and Mehrjoui directed it in 1974.
Some people supported showing it, while others opposed it. Before they ultimately consented to screen the movie, it took three to four years. Mina’s Circle, which is one of the best Persian old movies, has finally seen the curtain after a delay of four yea

11.Along the Night (1977)


The movie “Along the Night”, or “Dar Emtedade Emshab” in Persian, is one of the best romantic movies before the revolution. Famous actors of the cinema of that era such as Saeed Kangaraani, Googoosh, Jahangir Forouhar and Naser Mamdouh have played roles in this film. Unlike most Persian old movies, the story does not have a happy ending and had something new for the audience, and therefore it became one of the most profitable films in Iranian cinema.
The story of the movie is mixed with the modern style that had just entered people’s lives. A space where the famous actor and singer expresses his dissatisfaction with his personal life and pledges his heart to the love of one of his fans.

12.Tight Spot (1973)

Tight Spot (1973)

Tight Spot, or Tangsir, is one of the best old Iranian movies before the revolution that is based on a novel of the same name by Sadegh Chubak. The story is about a wrong man who wants to take revenge. One of his boyhood idols, the famous Zar Mohammad, who fought by himself against four con artists and greatly incited people’s sentiments against tyranny, served as the inspiration for the film’s creator, Amir Naderi.

13.The Custodian (1976)

The suffering hero of this film is the son of a janitor, from the poor and hard-working class of society. Trying to improve life is fruitless because all family members are somehow involved in poverty and the sufferings of society, and their thoughts do not reach anywhere other than crime and theft, which also does not have a happy ending for them, and again, all members of this family are more involved than before. Basically, this causes problems.

14.Brick and Mirror (1964)

This movie is one of the best old Iranian movies. Hashem is a taxi driver who, one night, after picking up a young woman, discovers a baby in the rear of his vehicle. He tries to deal with this undesired child with the help of his lover Taji. Taji wants to retain the child, but Hashem is adamant about getting rid of him. Hashem ultimately disposes of both of them.

15.Gheisar (1969)

Gheisar (1969)

In Iranian society, the idea of the tough guy—someone who must physically demonstrate his masculinity and honor—has long existed as an archetype. In cinema, Masoud Kimiai’s cult vengeance classic, Gheisar, which transformed commercial genre cinema in Iran, is the pinnacle of the myth of the Iranian strong guy.
The movie “Gheisar”, which is one of the best old Iranian movies before the revolution, surprises and shocks the viewer in its first shot. The story of the film begins with a suicide, and the heroes of the film enter the story one after another and understand the incident from the people around them; The narration of which has its own story. The hero of the story, Gheisar, is hesitant to choose the right path, between morality and tradition until the alchemical myth-making thinking takes hold and creates one of the most lasting roles in Iranian cinema.

16.Harmonica (1974)

The story of this old Iranian film begins when a young boy receives a harmonica as a gift from abroad. His friends, who are fascinated by this instrument, make him the leader of their group and compete with each other to be able to hold the harmonica or even play a few notes on it. Amiro strives to approach the harp and its owner the most in this group.
Among the old films before the revolution, there are few films with this power that have depicted this cruelty, which is a part of the childhood of deprived children and managed to be one of the best old films in Iran.

17.The Morning of the Fourth Day (1972)

The movie ” The Morning of the Fourth Day” is a bitter and social drama whose hero can be considered a child of the society and times of those days. The story shows the anti-hero to the viewer who doesn’t even try to improve the living conditions and imagines that he can live his life without difficulty and just be brave. One of the finest pre-revolutionary Iranian films is this one.

18.The Traveler (1974)

The story of The Traveler or “Musafir,” which is considered one of the best Persian old movies before the revolution, is about an elementary school boy who is neglected by his parents, lies, cheats and steals in order to collect enough money and take a bus to a big city where his favorite football team has a match, and see the game from up close.

19.A Party in Hell (1956)

The hero of this film, which is one of the best Persian old movies before the revolution, is a rich and at the same time unscrupulous old man named “Haji Jabar” who thinks of nothing but more wealth and is willing to marry his daughter to an old man in exchange for money. One night, he dreams of hell and its torments, and the next day he decides to become a different person. Before the revolution, this film was among the finest comedies.

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